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Pétanque is a wormy adaptation scheme of the boules sport type named Pétanque. The gameplay is similar to Darts scheme.


  • Place your worms in the BOXES (Worm 1 - area #1, Worm 2 - area #2,...).
  • Using the rope and the pneumatic drill, try to get as near the JACK as possible (when you are on rope, choose the pneumatic drill, swing, touch the thick wall and press enter -> fly).
  • Never press the space when you are drilling.
  • After 5 turns, count your points (the worm which is nearest to the JACK acquires the count of points accorded to the number of players in the game and the worm which is furthest the JACK acquires 1 point).
  • The player with the maximum of the points wins.


  • You can select a playing worm (it's because of the fact, that the player playing earlier may be in an advantage).
  • When you do a cowish turn (you don't fly from the thick wall, don't use the pneumatic drill or press the space while drilling), you acquire the least of the points (1 point).


The original map release dates 7th August 2009 on WMDB. The map along with the scheme was uploaded by admi.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

There are similar gameplay ideas before this scheme: "Drill Flyer" by xDNCxGhost64x on 2nd December 2008, "drill longjump" by bRUDI on 9th December 2008.

Before Drill Flyer, a similar scheme without the drill already existed, called Long Jump (two maps released, one on 25th March 2008 by rollo and other on 14th October 2008 by Casso). Also, a scheme similar to this one called Maximum Fly by LOLLKILLERreboot was released on 3rd May 2008. A scheme called Drill Golf, a bit different with elements from Golf scheme, was also released by xDNCxGhost64x on 3rd December 2008 (one day after Drill Flyer - see maps). Before Drill Golf, a similar scheme called Rope Golf was released on 5th January 2008 on WMDB by xSQDxshawn. Other schemes sharing similar scoring concepts such as Beef Race already existed too.

After this scheme

A scheme called "Drill Fly" by wa7er was released on 8th June 2010. The most famous scheme of this gender, Darts, was released only in 2011 (after Pétanque).

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add a replay trying to play the scheme with an interpretation of the rules
  • Add more details about the scheme
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