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Cow Pow game with Memox
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Cow Pow:
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Preferably randomly-generated island maps with bridges (caves are not indicated), but any is fine.
1vs1 (recommended): 8 worms. If free for all: as many as the map will support for automatic placement.

Cow Pow is a weapon specific scheme focused on the use of Mad Cows. It has nothing to do with people who can't respect the rules, rather, it's all about total slaughter! The scheme applies TestStuff features due to their awesomeness that blend very well with the scheme, making it way more fun (the host must type /ts or /teststuff in room's chat).

Throwing Mad Cows in flight!



  • The only weapon you can use should be Cows, thus you should refrain from using the stuff you find from Crate Showers.


  • Feel free to implement your own (house) rules, such as mandatory rope roll for rope attacks, mandatory Bungee attack for Jet Packs, and so on and so forth.

Portability to version 3.8

The original scheme was created before the release of v3.8 ESO features, so FoxHound just made the portability to include only the TestStuff features and remove Crate Shower in utility crates. This way the scheme can be played without the only mandatory rule it has and it doesn't need the TestStuff command before the game. Note that no other features were added to the original scheme, it is essencially the same scheme.


Cow Pow icon.png

Initially named Cow Party, the scheme was created by Memox and released on TUS on 16th July 2019.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Beef Race

Around 2008, Cueshark released a weapon specific scheme regarding Mad Cows called Beef Race. The gameplay and the idea is very different, though.

After this scheme

Space Cows

In 2020 TBikelis released an ESO scheme with weird physics which is also focused on throwing Mad Cows on randomly-generated maps: Space Cows.

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