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Not to be confused with Walk For Weapons (WfW).
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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a WXW game with 3 walls
(W3W) with Flori and Rex; taken from Worm Olympics
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In WxW, a worm may only attack after it touches all walls.
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Wall-X-Wall Shopper, also known as WxW in worms terminology, is a variation of the well-known Shopper scheme. The aim of this scheme is quite similar to shopper, but in addition to the regular shopper rules, the player must also touch a number of walls marked on the terrain before attacking.


The following is a list of some commonly-agreed rules for WxW. Kill The Leader (KTL) appears to be more common at the time of writing, but All But Last (ABL) is an alternative rule which has been used extensively in the past.

  • Walls Before Attack (WBA in worms terminology) - Players must touch each of the marked walls before attacking other teams. Marked walls will have a common pattern or colour. See the image to the right for an example. A touch is defined either by the sprite overlapping or the collision mask colliding with a pixel in the marked wall, depending on player agreement or competition rules.
  • Attack From Rope (AFR) - Players must attack from a Ninja Rope (while attached or during rope-roll between attachments) unless the weapon doesn't permit that.
  • Crate Before Attack (CBA) - Players must collect a weapon crate before attacking.
  • Kill The Leader (KTL) - Players must attack the team with the most health. Weapons may damage worms from other teams only if a worm from the leading team is also injured.
  • All But Last (ABL) - Players may attack any team except the team with the least health. Weapons may damage worms from the team with the lowest health only if a worm from another team not belonging to the active player is also injured. This rule only applies when more than 2 teams remain.


Modifications with relatively small detail changes to the scheme.

Project X version

Project X: walls change colors when touched.

Using PX, the walls of the maps are all red and when they are touched by a worm they become green. When a new turn begins, the walls reset being red again until a worm touch on it, thus becoming green again. This video shows this gameplay.


WO icon

The original idea of Wall-X-Wall shopper came from the W:A player Star Worms in 2004 at the latest. This scheme was originally played on regular shopper terrains with the extra rule of TBW (Touch Both Walls) added. This game was in the beginning known as Wall 2 Wall or W2W in shorthand. Unlike the later version of Wall-x-Wall, this original idea had no specified walls to touch and used the left and right walls of the terrain for this purpose.

Not soon after Star Worms came out with his first specialised W2W map, in which he had marked four walls with a red colour which would become the principle of all Wall-x-Wall terrains since. Quite obvious this scheme could no longer be called "Wall 2 Wall" and so it was named "Wall 4 Wall" (w4w). The first map in this style uploaded to the Worms Map Database in June 2004 has two walls and two roof sections marked.

As a few months passed by, special maps for this wall touching variety of shopper were made and W3W, W5W, W6W, W8W and even W12W were created. The name WxW or Wall-x-Wall was given to this new variety of Worms.

Similar ideas

After this scheme

A scheme named Chamber Roper was released after the existence of WxW and it uses the W2W rule as well.

Competitive events

The scheme has featured consistently in competitions, featuring in every year of the Worm Olympics from 2010 to when it ended in 2016, and in cups since 2009 and tournaments since 2011 hosted on The Ultimate Site.

How to play

See shopper, but make sure you use the rule mentioned above.

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