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Example of a turn with 2 kills.
Game setup
Petrol on Ice:
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Specially designed map (example): it must have shootable places, zero hides (lesser complexity). Standard size (1920x696 pixels), almost flat. A worm must be able to attack from everywhere to everywhere.
As many as the map will support for automatic placement. On the original map, the limit for the number of worms is 20.

Petrol on Ice is a RubberWorm scheme focused mostly on aiming. It is the "sibling" of the scheme Rope on Ice. There are 1-flame-only Petrols (power = 256), so players have to be pretty accurate during the 30 seconds of turn time to hit the frozen 1HP worms.

This scheme has very few weapons. The initial ammo consists in: x2 Bazookas, x2 Grenades, x2 Cluster Bombs and x2 Mortars. A crate will spawn every turn and will always contain x2 Petrol Bombs, despite the very rare chance of finding a Worm Select (even with infinite ammo), that cannot be used due to the delay of 128 turns. Arillery/Anchor mode is on. Nothing happens if Sudden Death starts. Teleport, Low Gravity and Freeze are infinite. Fall Damage is 0%. There are x8 terrain Mines (no drums).

There are the following RubberWorm settings: sdet, fdpt, cratelimit(1), reaim, alp. This means that the scheme has multiple shots per turn, firing a weapon will not pause the timer, the maximum number of crates that can stay on the map is 1, the angle of the aim changes automatically to zero degrees (horizontal) every turn start, and anti-lock power: holding space bar to fire will decrease the power when it reaches the maximum.


Official map rules.
  1. Everyone must use Freeze in the first turn.
  2. Always teleport where a crate is and attack from that spot.
  3. Use Freeze again before every turn ends (for your good).


  • Weapons that cause craters on the map have only x2 of ammo for the entire round, and will not be available in crates. So, these weapons must be used wisely, for example: to punish worms that forgot to use freeze at the end of the turn, or to push flamelets or land mines to frozen worms (if foes), or away from them (if allied), or to plop frozen worms near the water.


The scheme was created by sbs, being released on WMDB along with the original map on 31st August 2017. It was inspired by the cold winter around Argentina.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add replay
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