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Game setup
Colossal Shopper:
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Very big Shopper maps with dimensions ideally similar to 5000 x 5000, but it works with dimensions ranging around 2400 x 2400 to 14696 x 1600) (examples: mappack part 1 + part 2 containing 53 tested maps, WMDB search and TUS search)
2-8 per team
Colossal Shopper icon.png

Colossal Shopper is a v3.8 Shopper variation scheme with many RubberWorm and TestStuff features designed for immense, gigantic, huge or whatever the adjective to refer to maps with high value dimensions. The game still lacks a "/arrows" command for enemy worms, this would be very good to find enemy worms on big maps (the scheme was optimized to try to deal with this).

Scheme settings

  • 0.5 rubber bounciness
  • pressing tab always change worms
  • rope is very strong
  • multishot on
  • 15 crates per turn
  • 45 seconds of turn time
  • 16 seconds of hot-seat time.
  • rope retreat 3 seconds
  • land retreat 2 seconds
  • rope-roll drops on
  • batty rope on
  • standard weapon powers
  • 60 mines and no oil drums (to avoid flamelets with phased weapons on)
  • 2 second mines
  • no RW's remember weapons (more easy to deal with AFA Homings)
  • balanced weapons % in crates
  • explosions push all objects on
  • phased worms (allied): worms + weapons (impossible to happen the glitch "Instant self-bounce/hit of a Ninja Rope weapon drop")
  • phased worms (enemy): worms (no blocking with worms)
  • no air viscosity, normal gravity, no wind affecting worms or weapons
  • max speed of rope and projectiles are high but not unlimited (this way there is no "slow down" / "laggy sensation")



  • Press Page Down and type /arrows on chat when the game starts (to activate the "crate finder" feature)
  • CBA - Crate Before Attack (in order to attack you must collect one or more crates before attacking)
  • AFR - Attack From Rope (attack pressing Enter key while on rope or on air, except for ground weapons)
  • ABL - All But Last (it is possible to attack all players except the one who is at the bottom of the teams health bars)
  • Pile (players may only injure worms belonging to the team in last place while attacking other teams in the same weapon use attack, you cannot attack a worm of the last player that is isolated even if you already attacked other teams during your turn)


  • KTL instead of ABL - Kill The Leader (always attack who is at the top of the teams health bars, meaning you cannot attack other teams worms if there are no worms of the leader with them, even if you already attacked the leader during your turn. Note that the other teams can still be damaged if they are very close to the attacked worms of the leader)
  • AFA Homing - Attack From Air Homing weapons (if you plan to use homing weapons, the missile and the pigeon, you'll need to drop them during a rope-roll, drop them in the air, while in flight)
  • ABL or KTL rule but just for the first attack of the turn. After the first attack, players can use the rest of the turn to attack any worms they want, even if they are isolated and don't belong to the leader or the last player.
  • 3 or more CBA (players need to collect three or more crates before attacking)
  • No rules (players play the game similarly to Ropes and Crates scheme, with no rules at all)


  • It is better to keep several worms with almost no health than just one with a lot of health, because there is no Fall Damage with rubber bounciness and it is possible to change worms any time by pressing Tab key. The more worms you have, the faster is to collect crates and reach enemies (more map control).
  • Do not keep collecting crates if you already have a lot of ammo. Spend this ammo you have with good attacks.
  • Use Uzi, Minigun, homing weapons, Dragon Ball in mid-air and sheeps to take down the batty rope worms
  • Use the rubber bounciness in your favour, economize time.
  • Select the Ninja Rope while roping to use the Enter key to shoot the rope in a different angle during a rope-roll.
  • If the unrestrict rope max angle is not enough for you, you can do the Indian rope trick.


FoxHound wanted to make a Pokémon themed map, when suddenly searching for sprites he had the idea to use a big portion of the full Kanto region of the first generation games as the map's boundaries (forming a circuit, with no openings). When he finished the Pokeshopper map (released on 16th December 2013), he noticed the map became too big for a regular Shopper scheme, so he created a RubberWorm scheme (smallest value for rubber bounciness and no batty rope) specifically for this map and attached it to the map page on WMDB, then he thought a scheme without RubberWorm Wormkit module could be playable on his map, this way more players could play on his map. He replaced the Rubber scheme by the new non-rubber one which had 60 seconds and 50% Fall Damage, being very hard to find a crate and attack someone. After version 3.8, RubberWorm was finally 100% included in the game code, so a new scheme was developed to this version and attached to the map (firstly as Big Rubber Shopper), being updated a few times (now with batty rope and more rubber bounciness) until FoxHound decided to test this scheme with several big-sized art works available on WMDB that could be good to play Shopper, and that almost nobody was playing on them. The scheme name was changed to Colossal Shopper (inspired by the Wolfmother song) after thinking on the name Shopper of the Colossus which would sound as a Shadow of the Colossus wormy adaptation and that was not the case (the scheme icon still has a colossus from that game, because the author of this scheme is a big fan of it). The scheme rules were changed a bit after a suggestion made by Rio that ABL rule would fit better than KTL rule. The scheme also received an optional rule that encourages players to attack from air when using homing weapons (AFA Homing). Then the scheme was published on more platforms (this wiki and TUS) as a specially designed Shopper scheme for huge maps on 12th March 2021, along with a mappack divided in part 1 + part 2 containing 53 good example maps.

This article has a to-do list:
  • add a replay
  • add a gameplay example image
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