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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a DBC Kaos match with
DumbBongChow, igor`nc, and ``Sh-SV``
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DBC's Kaos:
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DBC's Kaos is a faster paced version of Kaos Normal. There are infinite number fast walk, and there are 10 less seconds for turn time. Ten second hotseat is added to compensate the less turn time. There's one more crate per turn, and many of the useless and overpowered weapons cannot be used anymore: Skunk, Laser Sight, Motar, Concrete Donkey, Scales of Justice, and etc. It has these RubberWorm features: sdet, ldet, fdpt, craterate(8), and cratelimit(200). There are two rounds of this game instead of three. This version of kaos is more balanced than the regular one, but this version is be more predictable in terms of game outcome due to notable less crate luck.

Version Update June 22, 2011

Very minor update was implimented to this scheme which fixes speed issue that started to occur when the 1.8beta version for rubberworm came out.


DumbBongChow, also known as DBC, is the author of the scheme, released on this wiki page on 7th May 2011‎.

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