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Started playing W:A online since 2012. Before have played many other series but never online.

My first online game was shopper. For the first 2 weeks of my existence in W:A online I played only Intermediate scheme, wasn't able to play anything else because was kicked many times (noob xD) And then... I joined hysteria, OMG, that's what I wanted - shoot bazooka and grenades, yeah! And no tactics! ^^

Since that time hysteria became my favorite scheme, 90-95% of playing xD

Beside worms life, I play acoustic and electric guitar since 2010, and trying to learn and study programming (if I won't become musician xD), lots of work to do, yeah.

Favourite schemes: Hysteria, BnG, Aerial, Forts and any other scheme that involves throwing weapons as a main way to battle ;D

Practicing roping sometimes, and maybe one day I will like those schemes more ...


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