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Worms life

Xrayez aka Mr.Rayez aka X-Ray aka Xrayzik aka Xadrez aka Xyerez started playing Worms: Armageddon online since 2012.

The very first scheme that he played online was shopper. For the first two weeks of his existence as a worm, the Intermediate was the only scheme that he played. He wasn't able to play anything else beside that. He was constantly kicked from lobbies by so called "pros" enough times to realize what means and feels like being a "noob". But after a while he discovered the famous hysteria scheme and started playing that. Since then he got hooked for life! That's what he really wanted: shoot bazooka and grenades, hell yeah! Less tactics, more skill!

Favorite schemes: Hysteria, BnG, Aerial, Forts and any other scheme that involves projectile weaponry. Comfortable with roping.

Personal life

Have interests in programming (mainly game development), playing and composing semi-professional quality music.

Currently working on developing a video game inspired by Worms: Armageddon with no estimated deadline, in his spare time. Looks for like-minded people who would like to help implementing Worms: Unlimited concepts and ideas, as well as new and exciting gameplay features.


IRC: known as Xrayez in #worms channel on GameSurge.

GitHub: Xrayez

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