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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Only Animals cup: last round of
final match with Lupastic and Mega`Adnan
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Only Animals:
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Open complex island maps.
8 worms per player.

In Only Animals, the only weapons available are amniotes. The ammunition of these creatures is: x2 pigeons, x3 sheep launchers, x2 sheeps, x1 Aqua Sheep with 3 turns of delay, infinite 5 stars of power Mole Bomb (the only weapon that hasn't standard power), x1 Mole Squadron with 2 turns of delay, x1 MB Bomb with 6 turns of delay, x1 Skunk, x1 French Sheep Strike with 8 turns of delay, and x3 cows with 2 turns of delay.

At the first turn, you will only have access to the mole and the means of moving around the map (x5 ropes, x1 Low Gravity, infinite Parachute, infinite Bungee, x5 teleports, and x1 Jet Pack). Despite this, the scheme includes x3 ammo for Worm Select at the first turn too. On the next turn some more animals will be unblocked and so on. As could be expected, in the crates there are more animals (same chance for Pigeon, Sheep Launcher, Sheep and Aqua Sheep).

Note that despite Old Woman being a primate (like MB Bomb), and the Donkey being a perissodactyl, they aren't available in the scheme. Salvation Army is an institution, but since the weapon animation is similar to a human, it could be considered to be included in the scheme, but it wasn't included.

Health crates give 50HP and cure Poison. Turn time is 35 seconds, round time is 15 (Sudden Death causes the water to rise 20 pixels per turn and there is no Nuke - see this word in Worms Terminology), no dud mines, 130 HP worms, destructible terrain, max 4 crates on the map, Sheep Heaven feature (sheeps jumping from exploded crates) is off (although sheeps can still jump from exploded crates if these crates contain them), 3 round wins to be considered a victory, no utility crates, weapon crates have more chance of spawning than health crates, but they don't spawn every turn. It is important to know that there is always a rare chance of finding Worm Select inside a crate.

Quoting Lupastic on this post: "The scheme itself with the utilities can be considered as a modified Intermediate with animal weapons, thus in situations when you need just a little push to plop a worm, which otherwise you could do with a shotgun or bow shot, here it can be tricky, as you need to look for other strategies. For small pushes and knocks you have the mole (most cases it doesn't work, because of the multiple layers of soil), skunk or rope knocks. This gives a bit more thinking of how to deal with worms that normally could be firepunched, landmined.".

Only Animals also have elements of Team17 scheme, with consistent parachute navigation through the map and many crates. Also, since the mole is infinite, it feels a bit like Mole Shopper too. The scheme has a significant luck factor, but it is still very tactical, since the resources are very limited, and the animal usage can be very skillful.


  • The pigeon is very useful to plop worms to the water. If hit under an exposed worm, it is very powerful, specially on the beginning, when there are more worms on this situation. Low Gravity can enhance this effect.
  • Rope Knocks are very powerful, specially when worms can be piled (see Pile in Worms Terminology), or when there is an Oil Drum around. With this trick, triple kills with mad cows are quite often possible.
  • Sheeps are good for decent damaging nearby enemy worms without spending weapons that are more powerful. Sheep Launcher is the same but for worms a bit further. Pigeons are great weapons in this scheme, but Aqua Sheep is the best to be found in a crate, because it can get more crates (they are very important in this scheme).
  • The 50HP health crates can make a worm very healthy, difficult to killed later in the game, when players are lacking transport tools and weapons.
  • Mole Squadron can be used to create plop holes. If Sheep Strike is used in the sequence, it can make the worms fall into the sink holes and be burned by the flamelets inside the sink holes, drowning them. It is a powerful combo in certain situations, but some luck is required. This effect using the sink holes of Mole Squadron can be explored using other flamelets sources, such as the explosion of oil drums and crates.
  • Worm Selects are very useful in the beginning, to hide allied exposed worms, like in Intermediate scheme.

Criticisms, problems and weaknesses

  • The scheme has only one Skunk and Health Crates are not rare to spawn. Health crates will cure the poison. Since the scheme was made in v3.8 era, it could add the feature that the health crates don't cure poison, to make the skunk more useful and powerful.
  • Players who collect more Aqua Sheeps may have a good advantage collecting more crates, creating a snowball effect.
  • At the very late game, resources are often really scarce. If players ran out of transport tools and weapons, they might struggle to attack each other and survive from Sudden Death.


The idea of the scheme and the actitude of creating it was made by Kirill-Gamer who asked for Lupastic to help with the testings and the balance of the scheme with ammo/settings. And so it was finished, being released on TUS on 15th May 2023.

The original idea of Kirill was to include Donkey in the scheme, but after Lupastic's review, it was decided that this animal should be removed.

Competitive events


Only Animals was featured in a cup in 2023.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is an intrinsic scheme of the PlayStation One version of Worms Armageddon, released in 1999.


Animals is a scheme created by sbs, being released on 28th April 2018.

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