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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: First round of the final match
of John Wick cup with Kaleu and Lupastic
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John Wick:
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Unspecified. The cup that happened for this scheme says "Only islands". The original example replay uploaded to the scheme's page and all the cup replays are played on randomly-generated islands.
6. However, there was a cup that was played with 8 worms.

John Wick, if not a wormy adaptation, it is at least a scheme inspired by the action film John Wick (the weapons of the scheme are present in the film). The gameplay uses v3.8's Extended Scheme Options, being similar to Kaos, in the sense that it has many crates spawning on the map each turn, and Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn and Loss of Control Doesn't End Turn features are on. However, this scheme has Crate Shower feature, so crates are constantly spawning on the map. It also has infinite nerfed Ninja Rope (1 star of power), Parachute and Prod. The weapons of this scheme are mainly guns (F3 key row, including Longbow), but Bazookas, Grenades, Petrol Bombs, Fire Punches and Dragon Balls are also present in the scheme.

The scheme has 20 seconds of turn time, nothing happens at the round time 15 Sudden Death, and pressing TAB key will change worms anytime.

Tips and tactics

Rope launch to a "funnel" hole hide (at last second).
  • The usual expected good hide on a normal game may not be a good choice in John Wick scheme, once Minigun and Uzi ammunition are often available, causing massive damage to worms hidden on dead-end tunnels. Don't forget that Petrol Bomb has a similar effect on some of these hides.
  • Uzi and Minigun can also lauch worms very far (facilitating plops) if they are on a terrain inclination.
  • The Teleports can be very useful offensively, but can also be used to collect crates, escape from locked areas, hide, stay on protected top areas, etc.
  • Worms start the round very healthy (200HP) and there are 25HP health crates spawning on the map. This means that exploring Oil Drums, land mines, "cratebombing" and plops are very important in this scheme.
  • At the first turn, almost all weapons are delayed, so it's a good idea to hide all worms exposed or in danger, and also try to get an easy kill or cause a good amount of damage with Handgun if possible. The same can be recommended for the second turn, although, there are a few more weapons available: Teleport, Fire Punch, Dragon Ball and Longbow. At the third turn, the infinite Ninja Rope is finally unlocked, along with Uzi (good moment to collect crates). From the fourth round onwards, all weapons are available to be used (time to damage some worms!).
  • The scheme has no automatic end-of-turn retreat, so players must pay attention to stay on a good spot at the last seconds.
  • Since the rope has only one shot per usage of the weapon, LDET is enabled, the turn time is short and Parachute cannot be used during a rope-roll, launching the worm far away on the map with the rope can save time, useful for an attack or to hide the worm on a "funnel" hole. Although, this is risky: the worm may fall on a bad spot, or plop. Good aim and precision with the rope is required for this.


The icon of the scheme features Keanu Reeves.

The author of this scheme is Kirill-Gamer, who released the scheme on TUS on 4th June 2023. Lupastic was also a contributor of the scheme, helping Kirill with testings, hosting the cup and promoting the scheme.

Competitive events


There was a cup for this scheme that began on 7th September 2023. It was played with 8 worms per player on randomly-generated island maps.

John Wick cup.jpg
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