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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Darts game with impo and Darkmaul,
played on SiD's original map for the Worm Olympics
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A worm landing on a horizontal 'dartboard'.

Darts is a point-scoring scheme inspired by the real-life Darts game, played on a specially-designed map. Players have to fling their worms against a 'board', aiming for the centre and scoring points as they do so. The player with the most points when all the worms have been 'thrown' wins the game.

In this adaptation, players have to launch their worms to the scoreboard. This is done by enabling Low Gravity, then by using the Ninja Rope to build momentum against the landscape (generally a wall, but could also be a dot for example), and finally by effectively flying to the scoreboard, triggering a Pneumatic Drill rapidly after initiating the flight. Certain maps may require pressing the Space bar in order to stop the drilling, lest the worm should fall off the scoreboard and drown.


Game setup
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Specially designed map
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Players begin by placing their worms at the designated starting platform.

Then, using the Ninja Rope and Pneumatic Drill, they take it in turns to fling each of their worms against a 'board', activating Low Gravity before doing so. This is done by attaching the ninja rope to a particular part of the terrain, usually a vertical wall, and activating the drill mid-swing. The drill is then deactivated shortly before the worm makes contact with the board. The board has clearly marked areas indicating the points scored by landing on those areas, and the player keeps track of their total points scored throughout the game.

The original map created for this scheme involved a vertical board with slanted landing zones, each brightly coloured and worth a particular number of points indicated by a key. Other maps have been designed with a horizontal board, requiring players to land their worms on the board from above. These boards can be designed as an array of pits for the worms to fall into, or as a series of flat platforms with raised edges to prevent the worms from skidding from one 'ring' to another.

The total score for each player can be calculated at the end of the game. However, on a vertical map, worms can be knocked off the board by other worms, in which case scores should be tracked throughout. Points are not deducted even if a worm is knocked off the board.

The scheme is supported by HostingBuddy.


  • Place at the start - Players must place their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, or similar.
  • Use Low Gravity every turn - Players must activate Low Gravity at the start of their turn.
  • Rope from the wall - Players must not attach their ninja rope to any part of the map except for the designated wall.
  • Detach using Drill - Players must detach from the ninja rope by selecting Drill and pressing Enter, instead of pressing Spacebar.
  • No attacks - Players must not attack other players by any method.


Blast Darts

Posted on TUS on 15th November 2015 by SiD, this variation uses a RubberWorm setting: "/fuseex". The difference is that instead of drill, there is grenade that must be used with 0 second of fuse time. The grenade will automatically explode the worm using the rope and launch it to the scoreboard. Low Gravity is optional.

Bungee Blast

Inspired by Blast Darts, TheKomodo uploaded the scheme on TUS on 15th November 2015. The gameplay is similar to Blast Darts, but with the Bungee. Low Gravity is mandatory, RacingStuff must be activated. The scheme was invented by Komito, Nonentity and spleen17. The 3 first maps were made by TheKomodo.


The scheme was released by SiD in 2011, with his map uploaded to the Worms Map Database in July of that year. Note that the concept was not new, with two (probably independant) very similar (not to say identical) ideas under the name of "Drill Flyer" (slightly different map) by xDNCxGhost64x in 2008 and "Drill Fly" (almost the same map) by wa7er in 2010 already existing before the scheme named "Darts". Other schemes sharing similar scoring concepts such as Beef Race already existed too.

A dedicated community, Darts n Stuff (dS), was then created in 2012 by Alien and Komito (currently led by Hurz, Triad and spleen17). dS have promoted the scheme heavily and Darts-related competitions are held frequently. The scheme has appeared in the Worm Olympics every year from 2012 to 2016, and in cups and tournaments hosted on The Ultimate Site between 2012 and 2018.

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