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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Snorkel match
with sbs, orbik and Thanatonaut
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Snorkel is a Space Race variant, however its physics is more approached to the real-life snorkeling practice, and may be considered a wormy adaptation scheme. Just like the scheme that it was inspired, Snorkel is a race without gravity. It has more rubber bounciness and more air viscosity as a break-system for the inertia than its predecessor. It also explores more the Anti Sink feature and makes the worm go out of the visible area of the screen, above the roof and beyond the solid terrain, using the pointing arrow that shows the distance as reference to calculate each move on the specially-designed maps. It has more weapons.

Tips and tricks

  • The Grenade can be used with zero seconds, it works better when used with strong force to go to the opposite side of the aim, otherwise (with weak force) it will make the worm go upwards only.
  • Super Banana is the best weapon to use on the black area (where it is not possible to see the worm). Holy Hand Grenade works well too, but since it takes a long time to detonate, it is better to use it at the last second of the turn time.
  • RubberWorm Anti-Lock Aim always resets the aim at zero degrees to the right or to the left every new turn. This is useful to have a notion of your aim when you are on the black area.
  • Make grenades explode at the same time to make the worm go far (see Grenade trick in Boom for Weapons).


It was created by sbs, being released on WMDB on 20th August 2022. Originally the scheme was called by the author "Underwater Race", but later it was renamed.

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