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Cow Parade!
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Space Cows match with
TBikelis, BOT-Kenny and Mega`Adnan
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Space Cows:
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Bulky twin island map (sort of a Roper map) with max objects (10) and no girders (1). -Hell, -forest, art, gulf and desert themes highly recommended
3 worms per player, handicap "+" for longer games (recommended if only 2 players); 2-6 players

Space Cows is a fast paced cow shopping v3.8 scheme where Mad Cows fly along the wind. It explores accurate aim and makes use of RubberWorm features.

Important things to remember

Space Cows example map
  • Antisink is on.
  • The further you're on the left side of the map, the bigger the amount of wind will come to the right side. The further you're on the right side of the map, the bigger the amount of wind will come to the left side. Check the wind page to know more details.
  • You are able to launch up to 10 cows (0 key launches 10).
  • Cows will fly through the air instead of walk on the ground (they start walking on the ground only when absolute surface is reached). Cow flying direction and descending speed depends on the wind.
  • The key under Esc (`) selects the jetpack and F11 key selects the cows.


Space Cows icon.png

Space Cows was released on TUS on 16th October 2020 by TBikelis.

Similar ideas

Before this scheme

Beef Race

Around 2008, Cueshark released a weapon specific scheme regarding Mad Cows called Beef Race. The gameplay and the idea is very different, though.

Cow Pow

A weapon specific scheme based on Mad Cows played in randomly-generated maps already existed, however without RubberWorm settings: Cow Pow by Memox, released in 2019.

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