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The point of Worminetor, a Rope Race variant, is to extermine the mines. And, to do it more interestingly, it should be played against an opponent.


Official map rules.

Create 2 teams, and set the worms of each team in each Start (right, there are 2 Starts, one for each team). Play with normal turn-based Rope Race scheme following the rules written on the map.


  • Extermine your mines (mines at your side of the map - map is mirrored).
  • Extermine the shared mines (mines in the middle of the map).
  • You can push the opponent worms with rope knocking (no weapons).
  • Go to the finish (the finish is at your side of the map).
  • Of course, if your opponent dies, you win.


The idea of this scheme is from Chief and TesterMan69. The official map was made by TesterMan69, released on 19th August 2012 on WMDB. On the map it says thanks to DonMega for testing the map, and on its WMDB description, it says: "So I created long time ago a new scheme titled Worminetor (idk why not published before, maybe only lazziness).", so the scheme was created before the WMDB release date.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add a scheme file
  • Add a replay file
  • Add tactics
  • Add more details
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