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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Hoops match
with SiD, taner and Artec
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Like Worms Basketball, Hoops may be considered a form of "basketball adaptation" in Worms. The aim of the game is to shoot mines into the hoop (hitting them with Dragon Ball). The scheme uses RubberWorm settings such as shot doesn't end turn and firing doesn't pause timer. Activating /Boom command is recommended.


Start at Start (letter S)

Each time you make a mine pass through the hoop, move onto the next position so it goes like this:


Once you score on F, you win.

Another interesting wormy adaptation of basketball!


When your turn begins, activate "Low Gravity" (You can use the key under ESC as a shortcut), select Mine, then do the following combo: jump, drop a Mine, select Dragon Ball and use Dragon Ball to hit the Mine. If you time it well, you will "score" going to the next position.

Step by step:

  • Activate LG (the key under ESC + Spacebar)
  • Select "Mine" (F5)

the combo:

  • Jump (Backspace / Backspace-Backspace / Backspace-Backspace-Enter / Enter-Enter)

fast now:

  • Drop "Mine" (Spacebar)
  • Select "Dragonball" (F4)
  • Fire "Dragonball" (Spacebar)

only the keys (example): ' + Spacebar, F5, Backspace-Backspace + Spacebar-F4-Spacebar


Hurz and TheKomodo created a lap system for longer games, since it is possible to finish too fast sometimes. Instead of playing many matches, you can just decide how many laps the game will have:

Begin on S-S. After your 1st hoop, move to S-1. Keep going until you reach S-F. Once you score on S-F, your position becomes F-F. Now move back down to S, so it will go F-F / F-9 / F-8 etc. until you get to F-S.

In order, up to FF-S so you get the point:

1st lap

S-S / S-1 / S-2 / S-3 / S-4 / S-5 / S-6 / S-7 / S-8 / S-9 / S-F F-F / F-9 / F-8 / F-7 / F-6 / F-5 / F-4 / F-3 / F-2 / F-1 / F-S

2nd lap

SS-S / SS-1 / SS-2 / SS-3 / SS-4 / SS-5 / SS-6 / SS-7 / SS-8 / SS-9 / SS-F FF-F / FF-9 / FF-8 / FF-8 / FF-7 / FF-6 / FF-5 / FF-4 / FF-3 / FF-2 / FF-1 / FF-S


The author, SiD released the scheme and the first map on 10th September 2017. The player also posted on TUS the scheme concept with a gif animation and an example replay on the same day. On the following day, TheKomodo uploaded the scheme on TUS.

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