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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Fort game with KRD
and Random00; taken from Worm Olympics
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Stay on your fort and shoot the other one

Fort is a scheme in which two player (or two teams of players) each occupy one side of a specially-designed map. The map is usually symmetrical and styled as a pair of forts, castles or some other building. The two structures are often divided by water and players are forbidden from crossing the gap, so they must make use of their long-range weapons to defeat the enemy.

Worms World Party includes a number of fort-style art assets and a Fort gameplay mode. Teams can choose a preferred fort from this selection, and when a game is started in fort mode, the map is generated using the chosen assets.


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Players begin by placing their worms on one side of the map. The first player to place a worm gets to choose which side to occupy, and all subsequent players must then make sure they place their worms on the appropriate side.

Players then make use of whatever weapons and tools they have at their disposal to kill the enemy worms, without invading the enemy position, which is usually forbidden. The weapons provided are typically not that much different from a 'normal' scheme such as Intermediate, though normally will forgo close-combat weapons unless invasion is permitted.

The scheme is supported by HostingBuddy.


  • Place at the start - Players must place their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, or similar, and must place them on their side of the map only.
  • No invading - Players must not cross over to the opponent's side of the map.
  • No fishing - Players must not collect crates from the opponent's side of the map.

The original incarnation of this scheme allowed for invasion, but provided no Ninja Rope, forcing players to rely on Parachute to float across the gap between the forts. Several maps provided methods for attacking the enemy base directly (such as tunnels or a traversable no-man's-land), and these are best played with weapon schemes that offer high-damage "up close and personal" weapons such as the Minigun and Dynamite, or the various melee weapons.


Capture The Flag

See main article: Capture The Flag

This popular version of the Fort mode requires the map to include a piece of terrain styled as a 'flag' on each fort. Players win by destroying the opponent's flag.

Mole Fort

See main article: Mole Fort

In this version, each side of the map is a solid block of land (with some holes for worms to occupy at the start).

DIY Fort

In this version, most weapons are delayed except for Girders or Girder Starter Packs, and players must spend the first few turns building their own fort. The map provides only two platforms for players to start on. An additional rule is enforced:

  • Place girders on your side only - Players must place girders above their own platform, and not in the middle of the map or on their opponent's fort.


The concept was originally devised by Toast and postman in early 2000, and was first played on a map with a "briar patch"-like mess of terrain between the two forts. The scheme has since been included in several Worms titles as an official game mode.

The scheme has featured in competitive play, appearing in the Worm Olympics between 2010 and 2015 (and possibly earlier), and in cups hosted on The Ultimate Site between 2010 and 2018.

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