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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Chess game by Peti and Tomi
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Any randomly-generated 'open to the water cavern' map
1 per person

Chess or Sakk is a one shot, one kill (1HP) normal scheme that each player has only one worm. The objective is to kill the opponents' worm.

There are infinite parachutes, bungees, fire punchs, dragon balls, blow torches and pneumatic drills, so it is possible to move like in a Team17 game. Also, a fast walk and a low gravity are provided, being useful for the last attack.

This scheme can be used with the HostingBuddy typing !wsdb 1325 in the hosting room.

Game requirements


Chess must be played on an 'open to the water cavern' (Map Editor: 23. / #3) map with the most possible (10) objects and optional bridges.


Chess is a bo3 (Best of 3 / 2 winning is needed) scheme, because a round usually does not last long. The most weapons has only 1 ammo so you have to spare with them, because you can not use them anymore until the bo3 reached.

How to play

Chess must be played 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. The worms must be placed on the corners of the map. Here is an example:

(In most cases the 'open to the water cavern' maps has four possible places where you can place your worm. These are: upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right.)

  • If you play 1v1: If the player, who begins, placed his/her worm directly to the left end of the map then you have to place your worm to the right end. (Up or down does not care.)
  • If you play 2v2: If the first player placed his/her worm to left up, the following player has to place his/her worm to the right end (up or down), the third player has to place his/her worm to left down. The fourth player has to place his/her worm to right down (if his/her mate placed his/her worm to right up) or right up (if his/her mate placed his/her worm to right down). The matter is that 2 worms in a team could not be placed close.


The name Chess (or Sakk in Hungarian language) is because if you do a mistake, you will be dead. The scheme was founded by Tomi for the Worms Scheme Contest, but it was not finished to the deadline, so it could not take part in that competition. The development of the scheme almost stopped until the clanmates of the the scheme's creator try to play the game and like it very much. With this motivation and with the help of CMV and Peti, the final version of the scheme was completed in June 2010.

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