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Duel of Schemes (DoS) is a series that consists on maps designed to play two different schemes at the same time using one single .wsc file, in short: it's 2 in 1 (maybe there will be 3+ in 1 in the future). Not all schemes can be played together effectively on a map, so usually the combinations are: race with race, battle with battle, destructible map with destructible map, indestructible map with indestructible map, etc., but there are exceptions.

The interesting part of playing 2 schemes at the same time is that players need to think on two gameplays at the same time, with different set of rules and each turn you can change the gameplay mode, sometimes even on the same turn you can change from a gameplay to a different gameplay. Sometimes, it is more logical to play a specific scheme when there's an oportunity, and when things are ok in that scheme, it may be better to focus on the other gameplay mode of the map. It's harder to get bored when you can choose two different gameplay types in a game.

Players can decide to play either one of the schemes of the map or both. A player can dominate the game at one side of the map and be a loser at the other side of the map.

Walk for Weapons vs. Rope for Weapons

In this combination players play Walk for Weapons on one side of the map and Rope for Weapons on the other side of the map. This means that players are only allowed to use the rope on the Rope for Weapons area (or, depending on the map, between the two zones: the middle "grey area" - as it is on the original map).


This was the first combination of schemes on a map of the series, see the History section of the series at the bottom of this article for details.

Jet vs. Rope Rubber Shopper

This one has one side for "Jet Shopper" and other side, "Rubber Shopper".

These are the Rubberworm features:

  • sdet
  • ldet
  • fuseex
  • antisink
  • craterate(10)
  • cratelimit(100)


There are a few indicators around the maps, so players can know whether to use Rope or Jet accordingly to where their Worms are located, and therefore this fusion doesn't turn into a con-fusion.


  • CBA - Crate Before Attack
  • AFJ / AFR - Attack From Jetpack / Attack From Rope


It's NOT advisable for this special duel, but still: it is the players' choice using it or not.

  • KTL / ABL - Kill The Leader / All But Least'


The original map of this combination of schemes was released by sbs on 16th April 2015, on WMDB.

Burning Girders vs. Holy War

This one combines two well known girder-based schemes: Burning Girders and Holy War.

Reminder: on the original Burning Girders vs. Holy War map, when playing on the Burning Girders side, players are only allowed to use Low Gravity, Teleport and Petrol Bomb. On Holy War side, players are allowed to use LG, Girder, Girder Starter Pack, Bungee, Parachute, Teleport and HHG (of course, Petrol Bomb is not allowed on this side). Players are forbidden to block worms with the girders.

The original map has an "anti-flamelets" system that denies possible slow-falling flamelets (they stop on terrain).


The original map of this combination of schemes was released by sbs on 22nd June 2016, on WMDB.

Arrow Race vs. Battle Race

This one combines Arrow Race scheme with Battle Race scheme. To win, a player should bring them closer together in the middle of the original map; crossing obstacles of different kinds according to each particular scheme.

There are guides in the original map that will remind you what is allowed and what is not, for both sides (the Longbow is only allowed on the Arrow Race area).

(The infinite teleport has been added in case of an accidental blocking with an arrow.)


The original map of this combination of schemes was released by sbs on 12th July 2016, on WMDB.

Parachute Race vs. Grenade Race

It combines Parachute Race with Grenade Race. On the original map, they will eventually end up in a same adjacent "FINISH". Parachute is only allowed at Parachute Race part, while the grenades can only be used in Grenade Race part. The scheme features all the types of grenades, including a limited amount of HHG, each one should be used wisely.

IMPORTANT: It's recommended to enable the Boom Race version: version boom. In this way, you can fully enjoy the game without any interferences between players. The development will be much faster and synchronized in order to get the 2 worms to the end at about the same time.

Note: this feature can be applied in v3.8's Extended Scheme Options, without needing any command before the game. The provided scheme is not updated to this version.


The Parachute Race area of the original map was a request by hurz (see it here). PePaR was responsible for preparing each and every part of the area. The Grenade Race part was made by sbs. This map was released on 9th March 2017, on WMDB.

Digger Racer vs. Minefield

It combines Digger Racer with Minefield: both are race/survival modes.


On the original map: One worm takes the DIGGER RACE side — the area from the top — starting at one of the 2 ends of it (left or right). The 2nd worm goes in the MINEFIELD part — the area below — in the same side of his ally. These worms begin to run from their side to the center → → FINISH ← ←. There's a big tunnel leading to the bottom. Both worms must sink there to win.

How to play

There are absolutely zero rules of engagement. Besides following the instructions about proper placements and routes, everything else is allowed... Even locking up others using girders.

Originally, direct attacks are forbidden in this kind of schemes, but there's no way to do harm due to the Phased Worms (Enemies) feature. It happens the same with the "no roofing" rule for Minefield, it's not necessary in this case.

The v3.8 features being used:

  • Block roofing - This is one of the "override glitches" option that fits perfect here.
  • Improved Anti-lock Aim - In every turn, the aim changes to an angle distinct from the last used one. Slight better than the older "reaim" feature, which always resets the angle to 0 degree.
  • sdet
  • Automatic end-of-turn retreat
  • fdpt
  • Phased Worms (Enemies)
  • swat
  • Worm selection doesn't end Hot Seat
  • Sudden Death disables Worm Select (Off)
  • Anti-lock Power
  • Health crates cure collecting worm only


  • Players should be careful with the movements at the beginning, the HP is just 50... 2 explosions and a player can be out of the game. A Health Crate might add 50HP to the collector.
  • Players must use the inventory wisely, using the strongest and limited weapons/resources available. Otherwise, they will simply waste ammo.


The original map of this combination of schemes was released by sbs on 10th March 2021, on WMDB.


The project "Duel of Schemes" series was created by sbs, with the first map (WFW vs RFW) being released on 31st May 2013 on WMDB. This project now has at least 12 different schemes being combined.

The name

When sbs had the idea, he commented it with the player "OstGlass", someone that he used to play with, who is or was member of the band called "Yardstones" (Youtube channel), from Gothenburg (Sweden), that won 1st place in a battle of bands. So, sbs was thinking to call the idea "Battle of Schemes" (inspired by the battle of bands), but OstGlass suggested "Duel of Schemes", saying that it sounded better for him, and sbs decided to use this suggested name.

Similar ideas

Before this series

The idea of combining different gameplay schemes in one map using one single .wsc file already existed, examples are: Bloopy Time Attack #3: Bloopy Pentathlon (2003), 3in1 (2005), 4in1 (2007) + a 2010 map, 2in1 (2008), Multi defi (2009), Crazy Race (2010). There is also a possibility to exist maps like this in .BIT format (something that needs verification).

Note that these releases are mainly about multiple races in one map or multiple Shopper variants in one map. The difference of Duel of Schemes is that there are often bolder combinations of very different (and alternative) scheme gameplays, requiring players to completely change the behavior if they are on a different side of the map.

After this series

On 21st October 2015, multirace was released by PePaR.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Add replays
  • Add images
  • Add gifs
  • Add tactics
  • Add other details
  • Check for possible .BIT maps combining 2 schemes before the ones from WMDB
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