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game with sbs and OstGlass
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Worms Chess:
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1 team with 8 worms per player; 1v1 only

Worms Chess is a wormy adaptation of the real Chess board game. Chess has 16 pieces per player, in Worms, playing with 16 worms as the pieces is only possible inserting 2 teams per player, and this would make players control only 8 worms per turn, ruining the idea of playing the official Chess game the way it is. So, the scheme is a 8 pieces Chess game, using worms with the name of each piece as the pieces (1 king, 1 queen, 1 knight, 1 rook, 1 bishop and 3 pawns), a map representing the board with 47 spaces (or squares, even though some squares are sometimes represented as triangles) instead of 64. The scheme also uses RubberWorm features, such as the multishot (to teleport to a space/square and kill a worm with the 100% damage Battle Axe on the same turn), the zero gravity to make worms float on the spaces/squares as the pieces normally stay on the real board and the air viscosity as a break system for the inertia (avoiding infinite loop). There are also infinite Select Worms to select the pieces, 2 bases and some new rules.

Arranging the board pieces

To identify each Worm with a specific piece, it's essential to give them the following names, being recommended to follow this specific order (to avoid confusion and match with the map setup helping instructions):

  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Knight
  4. Rook
  5. Bishop
  6. Pawn
  7. Pawn
  8. Pawn

Note that the game does not allow to put exactly the same name for worms on the same team, so at least two pawns need to have other characters to differenciate them.

The chessboard is modified and contains 1 base for each player. The map shows how the worms should be placed at each base according to the sort order number as shown above.



Follow the basic Chess movements, making only 1 move each turn (either deploying a piece of your mini-army or eliminating other one from the enemy). En passant is applicable.

Winning the game

Finally, the details about the 3 different ways to win in this Worms-version (which also are summarized on the original map):

  1. Winning with the classic "Checkmate" for Chess - leave the opponent's king with no chances to escape, without any place to go in order to avoid being eliminated.
  2. Winning by "Conquest of the Base" if your King is able to enter into the enemy Base unharmed - namely that square shouldn't be threatened by an enemy piece. Otherwise, you must know that the King may never move to a threatened place.
  3. "Pawn's victory": There are 7 squares marked with colored lines according to each team, on where a Pawn can finish his progress. You win by making him reach any of those lines unharmed - that is to say no opponent's piece should be threatening that place. Otherwise, the Pawn doesn't get the victory by coming there "unharmed", because in the next turn other piece shall kill him.


For some time sbs (the author) had been thinking about the idea of making a Worms version of the legendary scientific-game: Chess. He finally finished the work in 2014, releasing the original map along with the scheme on 28th December of that year on WMDB. On the same day, the scheme was also released on a page of LeTotalKiller's Scheme Editor website.

Similar names

This scheme is not the only one using the word "Chess", however the other schemes are completely different.

Before this scheme

Tomi's Chess (Sakk) (2010) is a one-shot-one-kill (1 HP) conventional gameplay scheme.

After this scheme

Alfredo Luna a.k.a. "AlfreX" made a 2021 scheme called "Chess" or "Ajedrez" (Chess in spanish), being a 1 HP battle scheme too, but with 8 worms, some rules, unlimited Ninja Ropes and Jet Packs and a map with the 64 squares of the real Chess board game with small openings between the squares.

A scheme attached to a map named Chess Board was created by Agio and uploaded to WMDB on 22nd February 2022. The concept is similar to Worms Chess, but it is played somehow with 2 teams. The chess pieces of the map were taken from "ChessFort 3" map by Pres.

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