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Game setup
Dynamic Team17:
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Random dual-layered cavern
4 recommended

Dynamic Team17 is a dynamic (fast game) variation of the Team17 scheme. This game has 30 seconds of turn time instead of 45, what needs fast movements that can be done with the unlimited Fast Walks, Low Gravities, Parachutes, Teleports and a single Rope. There are unlimited Moles that can collect far, difficult or multiple crates to you, dig (opening ways) and damage the opponents. The weapons' chances of appearing in the crates are well balanced. It is impossible to find ropes in a crate, because the player that collect a rope crate will receive x3 ammo of it and he/she will receive a very good advantage collecting the other crates, what causes an unfair amount of weapons obtained. You can find super weapons crates, but the Indian Nuclear Test and the Select Worm are with delay of 255, which does not allow to use them.

This scheme can be used with the HostingBuddy typing !wsdb 1258 in the hosting room.

Author: FoxHound

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