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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Jet Pack War match using the first version
of the scheme, with FoxHound and Bob-MarleyCassio
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Jet Pack War:
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Open island maps. Best played on maps where the Jet Pack can go through anywhere. (examples)
As many as the map will support for automatic placement

Jet Pack War (JPW) is a scheme similar to Aerial, but inspired by the Hysteria scheme. The core element of this scheme is the very strong Fall Damage. Players are given a generous 4 seconds of turn time in which they have to move and attack, using unlimited Jet Packs to do so. The main differences from Hysteria are the increased Fall Damage (508%), the plentiful supply of health crates, and the somewhat more restricted weapons arsenal - only a few drop-and-run explosives are available. This latter difference, along with artillery mode (a.k.a. anchor mode), require the Jet Pack to be used for the vast majority of attacks. Many strategies and techniques that are used in Hysteria, however, are useful in this scheme also.

As with Hysteria, 5 seconds of retreat allow players to glide around the map on the jetpack after dropping an explosive. In this scheme, this additional time can be used to collect health crates, but players should be careful not to run out of retreat time at the wrong moment: the extreme fall damage can easily wipe out any collected health.

Ideal map: Jet Pack can go access anywhere

Ideally, the scheme is played on an open-island map with no enclosed spaces, to ensure that everywhere is accessible to the Jet Pack and that no worms begin the game stuck. Selecting the map this carefully however tends to be tedious (as it requires checking how the terrain will be decorated with objects), so teleports are provided for the evaculation of any enclosed worms.


Jet Pack War icon.png

Along with unlimited Jet Pack and three 'emergency' teleports, players are equipped with unlimited dynamite and cows, three mines and a ming vase. A single low gravity is also available, which can help blast worms into the water, or create more widespread destruction with the ming vase.

Though unlimited, the dynamite's crater diameter is 15% weaker, making it more difficult to blast worms into the water. However, its fuse can help guage retreat time on the Jet Pack, as retreat time will run out at the same time that the dynamite explodes.

Mines' crater diameter, on the other hand, is 58% stronger. This makes them considerably more powerful than dynamite, and so only three are provided.

The cows offer an interesting twist to the scheme. Their damage is zero, so they are not useful for attacking, but can be used to collect crates. Retreat time only activates after the last cow is dropped, so more flight time can be gained by dropping the maximum number of cows. However, jetpack fuel still depletes while the cows are being released... so care should be taken when deploying this tactic. Cows can also be handy for protecting your own worms from taking damage when the time or even the fuel are running out: the Jet Pack worm will not fall due to the retreat time and the cows won't damage your worms on the terrain.


Besides those below, most of the strategies from Hysteria can be applied here as well.

Applying knowledge about the Fall Damage

Having notion about the Fall Damage's activation "failure" and applying it to the game is something very useful, because the damage taken by the fall will be 5.08x stronger. You can be prudent landing your worm to a safe place where is hard to the opponent apply the Fall Damage or you can drop an explosive to induce the adversary's worm hit the map before reaching the ground to activate the Fall Damage.

Applying knowledge about Jet Pack weapon drop

Experienced Jet Pack War players dominate the art of attacking from jet pack, specially knowing how to deal with the Instant self-bounce/hit of a Jet Pack weapon drop phenomenon.

Landing on isolated pixels

This strategy will make you a difficult target, since it will reduce the dropable zone on your worm. This tip is especially good for worms with low HP, because they can be easily killed on the main terrain and in most cases of this scheme, quantity (worms) is more important than quality (health). A good way for landing on pixels is resetting all horizontal velocity of the worm using the Jet Pack by pressing space (beware not to miss the pixel).


FoxHound created this scheme and released it here on this page and on BlameThePixel (a snapshot here) on 12th December 2009 thinking about making a scheme with short turn time like Hysteria, using the Jet Pack more and with no rules. The scheme's original name was Jet for Boom, but it was renamed to give more seriousness to the scheme and so this could cause more acceptance by the community, after Lex's suggestions. The scheme had been created, tested and divulged before the existence of the Worms Scheme Contest, so when the scheme was sent to the 2010 contest it was not accepted due to the rule: "The scheme has to be completely unseen by the public before and during the contest.".

On July 2010, teleports were added to the scheme after Fighter's suggestion. Before then, the scheme could only be played on the recommended map. A few days after, cows were added to the scheme too.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Upload a replay using the latest scheme update
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