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Weird Shopper:
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Weird Shopper is the default Shopper scheme with several scheme modifications causing unexpected behavior to happen in game.

Differences to default Shopper

The following scheme settings are different compared to the default Shopper scheme of which mostly all are pretty unexpected:


  • Worm select is set to random.
  • The first turn has Double Damage.
  • Turntime and retreat times are odd numbers: Turntime is 27 seconds and rope retreat 9 seconds. Hotseat delay is 11 seconds.
  • There is no land retreat time.
  • After 3 minutes (time is displayed), sudden death is fired with an atomic bomb and a water rise of 20 pixels per turn.
  • The fall damage is set to 508% (if normal fall damage is 100%).
  • Stockpiling is turned on for matches with multiple rounds.


  • Sometimes health crates with 255 health points are dropped instead of normal weapon crates.
  • The crate propability rate in total is at 95%, causing turns in which no crates are spawned. Following the CBA rule, the player either has to collect a crate which was dropped in previous turns or can't attack (except trying to rope knock worms into dangerous zones).


  • Worm health starts at 255 energy points.
  • There are max. 250 objects placed on the map (e.g. as much as possible).
  • Additionally to Mines, there are Oil Drums placed on the map.
  • The placed mines have an abnormal long fuse of 8 seconds.
  • Donor Cards are on.


  • The Bazooka weapon is very underpowered, causing players which often (ab)use the bazooka as weapon to cause low damage.
  • There are only 5 Parachutes available at game start instead of infinite.
  • F2 weapons are all highly overpowered, this includes Grenade, Cluster Bomb and Banana.
  • Thus said, Aqua Sheep, Grenade, Shotgun, Cluster and Longbow upgrades are on.
  • These F2 weapons have a very low crate propability, however, every team has 1 of each with an increasing delay starting at 3 turns. This speeds up sudden death because the player gets high-damage weapons near the game end.
  • Super weapons are turned on (but the Girder Starter Pack is locked).
  • The Holy Hand Grenade is a dud grenade and causes no explosion (only a halelujah).


If a player knows all the exceptions listed above, he has much better chances to win the game than unexperencied players. This is also one criticism point beyond the high loss of health points due to high damage weapons. However, the whole scheme is considered as fun game and a "diversified" alternative to default Shopper.

Even if there are many rare or unknown game options set, this scheme does not require RubberWorm or ProjectX.


Pac-Man is the author of the scheme, released on this wiki on 5th August 2012‎.

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