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Droppable weapons go diagonally upwards. Regarding animals, when they hit a ceiling they walk horizontally foward.
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Gravity Battle match
with CAK-RULES, Ness, and Twicken1
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Game setup
Gravity Battle:
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Cave-like map empty or almost empty (examples: [1], [2], [3], and [4])
Depends on the host, in 1vs1 matches the recommended is 5 or 6 per player, but players might prefer less for shorter rounds.

Gravity Battle (GB) also known as Space Battle is an infinite health battle scheme (like Plop War), with anchor mode, similarly to Snooker (is it a variant?) in which the gravity is zero (isn't it actually a gravityless battle?).

The worms can be placed by the players at the beginning, considering that they will float on the fully bordered open space map (sometimes with some objects in the middle), or worms can spawn randomly if a CPU team is added (although, it doesn't attack so often), and then, they must plop each other in order to win.

The scheme has non-standard weapon powers, only one shot per turn, no rules, the turn time is 15 seconds, round time 4 minutes, indestructible terrain, and random order. The Sudden Death is set to prevent games from taking more than 20 minutes.

It can be considered somehow an artillery game, because since the worms are anchored and the transport tools are limited, players must aim very well to plop the others on weird physics.

Tips regarding physics and weapons

  • Droppable weapons like Mines and animals will go diagonally, 45 degrees (upwards in the direction the worm is facing). Some animals will jump in the air.
  • Flamelets are the only things that are not affected by the absence of gravity (acting as if in standard gravity) and it is the only thing that is affected by the wind.
  • Projectiles will move in a straight line only.


Modifications with relatively small detail changes to the scheme.

Mlaofmd's Gravity Battle for cup

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Mlaofmd's Gravity Battle for cup
match with MarCello and Mega`Adnan
Download · Info

Mlaofmd created a variation of the scheme that has some differences such as: Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn feature, a rule that players must place all the worms at the top of the map, the Sudden Death begins after one round (very soon compared to the original), only 6 seconds of turn time, and some different weapon settings. It was created for a cup (see Cups) that was played with 6 worms per player.


Gravity Battle icon.png

The scheme was created and released by crmm1792 (also known as CAK-RULES) on The Ultimate Site on 11th June 2023.

Competitive events


On 1st September 2023, a cup started for Gravity Battle scheme (using Mlaofmd's Gravity Battle for cup variation).

Similar ideas

Before this scheme


The first published scheme using the zero gravity feature was Snooker, on 22nd May 2011. It is a battle scheme too.


Pool, the wormy adaptation to the real life sport also has zero gravity, and was released on 2nd August 2012.

Space Race and Snorkel

The scheme Space Race (2017) and its variant Snorkel (2022) are also schemes that use the zero gravity feature, but they are races, not battles.

Zero-G Minigolf

The scheme Zero-G Minigolf was created in 2019 and released in 2022. It is an adaptation of the Minigolf real-life sport and can be considered a race with zero gravity as well.

After this scheme

Space Plop Shopper

On 7th January 2024, CAK-RULES released another zero gravity scheme, this time being a Shopper, with infinite health worms. It's called Space Plop Shopper.

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