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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Dolly Sheep match
with FoxHound, Buick and Mono
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Dolly Sheep is a normal game that was influenced by the games Intermediate and Elite. The idea came from WWP's powered animals Wormpots, that caused the scheme receive a Sheep (that in a tribute to Dolly, gave the name of the scheme) with 25% more powerful blasts and an improved Skunk with a poison damage of 10. Since the luck of the scheme is reduced (without crates, neither dud mines) and another settings like instant mines and only flooding in the Sudden Death, the scheme became very similar to Elite, good for pro players. On the other hand, it is also similar to Intermediate, due to the Team weapons and the big arsenal of weapons. The scheme has also settings that are different from it's two influences, like 130HP of initial health, 30 seconds of turn time and a Freeze. Better played with TestStuff.

Author: Buick.

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