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House of Crates:
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House of Crates is a RubberWorm scheme that explores the object spawning algorithm and a bug (check the notes on the Phase 2: Teleport section). The basic idea is that each Mine occupying a custom-made square should be replaced by an utility crate. One by one in order to replace all these squares with crates. The first one to do it wins the game, having his entire "house" filled with crates.

Step-by-step gameplay

Abbreviated on the map, it is detailed here:


Each player goes in one of the 2 houses and each worm is placed at the beginning of the central spiral.

Phase 1: using Jet Pack only

First, the 8 mines of the central section must be detonated. There are several options in the form of paths to do this. Think carefully at this stage; a bad decision can slow you down a lot.

Phase 2: Teleport

When a player has detonated all the mines in his section 1, he is allowed to use the Teleport. He has to move to his section 2 to detonate the remaining 16 mines, in the order he prefers. There is a need for speed at this stage, because an explosion could interfere with the teleporting if anyone has lazy fingers.

Note: this scheme explores a bug (yes, a bug) about teleporting during an explosion (the worm falls during the teleport animation, without receiving Fall Damage until the animation ends). This allows teleporting quicker in this scheme. This bug exists at least since v3.7.2.1, but it might have been introduced before this version. The developers of the game already fixed the bug, but this fix will be present only in the next update (v3.8.1 still has this bug). The fix of the bug will affect the gameplay of this scheme, since the mechanic of teleporting faster will not work. The scheme will still be playable, though.

Secret weapon: invasion!

There is no weaponry, but a special play can be made that could become a deadly attack on the opponent's house: Invading, entering any of his squares. For what purpose? To create a knockdown chain reaction with x2 Damage enabled; it will be enough to light the spark from any of his mines. It's permitted to invade just once in the entire game, in a single turn. If at the end of his turn the invader didn't make it in time to go back home, he must do so immediately at the beginning of his next turn. The player must plan well when to make this move, as it can be crucial to gain a significant advantage.


After completing his 2 phases and detonating all the mines, the player has to place the worm at his starting point, in the center of the house. This leaves space for the last of his crates to be generated. A suspenseful outcome is possible when both players reach the final position at almost the same time. In this case, luck will define where the last of the 24 crates a player needs will be generated. If he's been a good boy, perhaps the definitive crate will appear in his own house before in the opponent's.


On 27th January 2018, the author sbs released the original map along with the scheme on WMDB. The idea of the scheme arose after fooling around a little more with the object spawning algorithm (something that Trench Warfare also explores). The name of the scheme is similar to House of Cards (something very fragile that takes a good time and is not so easy to be constructed, but it can be easily destroyed in a fraction of a second), which is the name of a popular TV series in which the seasons were being produced and watched by the time.

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