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Space Race: the Cold War wormy feelings
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Space Race match with
STRGRN, TheMadCharles and Ledan
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Space Race:
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Most Boom Race maps work, but there are some that were tested and recommended (examples: [1], [2], [3] and [4]. Mappack).
Examples at the WMDB
One worm per player

Space Race is the first racing scheme played with zero gravity (feature of RubberWorm). It is a scheme based on Boom Race and explores the effect of setting rubber bounciness feature near to zero, which makes the worms lose all of their velocity upon hitting a surface. Players have only two weapons at their disposal: the infinite Bazooka and x3 ammo for the 1-star-powered Ninja Rope (1 single shot per ammo). Since the worm movements are linear with the explosions, no other weapons were implemented to the scheme, meaning that the bazooka is enough, being the main tool for locomotion. The ropes are useful to escape from hard parts that may appear on the maps, which require very precise angles to shoot and also to save time, so they must be used wisely.

The scheme has a little bit of viscosity, not much though, so that the worm stops flying after 5 seconds or so if someone gets a bad shot. The multishot feature is on to discourage people from doing those long and awkward slides where you hit a wall at a near perpendicular angle and fly off for several seconds at a very low velocity. Other settings of the scheme: Anchor mode (to prevent the aid of the long jumps), Anti Sink, Loss of Control Doesn't End Turn, Fire Doesn't Pause Timer, Improved Rope (a.k.a. Unrestricted Rope) and Phased Worms [Enemy]: Worms + Weapons + Damage (BoomRacing).


Start to Finish - Manual placement to worms is enabled. You find the spot marked as Start, S, Begin or any abbreviations of it and place your worm there. First to reach the spot marked as End, F, Finish or any abbreviations of it wins.


Creative modifications of the scheme.


Main Article: Snorkel

This variant created by sbs in 2022 has more rubber bounciness and more air viscosity as a break-system for the inertia. It also explores more the Anti Sink feature and makes the worm go out of the visible area of the screen, above the roof and beyond the solid terrain, using the pointing arrow that shows the distance as reference to calculate each move on the specially-designed maps. It has more weapons.


Space Race Challenge 3D video
Space Race icon.png

Space Race was released on TUS on 2nd May 2017 by TheMadCharles (who made the upload), however the author of the scheme is STRGRN (both members of Proof of Concept scheme community).

The author found out that a tiny amount of rubber bounciness makes worms lose all of their velocity upon hitting a surface and wanted to combine that with no-gravity, because it didn't work well for any normal schemes, but it worked well for a Boom Race-type scheme. Reading the comments posted on Space Race TUS scheme page, it seems the idea had some influence of FoxHound's Snooker scheme, once it is a scheme without gravity and its primitive version also used a small value of the rubber bounciness.

Competitive events


Space Race received a cup on 23rd May 2017, however it was closed after some time.


On 21st May 2023, Kirill-Gamer posted a TUS Challenge using a variation of Space Race scheme: the same physics with destructible terrain, limited ammo weapons, including some extra ones and no ropes. The challenge ended 18th June 2023, receiving a special 3D video made by Kirill, with the gameplay record (38.82s) of the winner pavlepavle between the story's introduction and ending.

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