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My real name is Felipe Zárate

I live in Uruguay! and I was born on 17th november of 1987.

I played worms since worms 2 was released for the PC. An old friend invited me to play his new video game called "Worms 2" haha memories.. after that.. I played offline a lot of time... played WA and then WWP, then I bought a PS1 and stopped playing PC games.. after many years, in 2005 I started to work and got internet in my PC. And the only game i had at that time was WWP, so I started to play online, at that time only a few good ropers were playing, and everybody used to play shoppa, A LOT! Then some leagues appeared just like cbc-wwp.. but I didnt play that so much haha.. Then I remember everybody was talking about the new WA patch, etc and WWP started to Die everyday.. so I installed WA with the patch, and got very surprised: like 80 ppl online on WA and so many schemes and stuff.. It was awesome. I've never been such a good roper, I'm more into the "Normal Gameplay" Field. Well, See you all guys around Wormnet! Take care


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