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This is a Scheme ideas experimental proposal under construction. Note that many schemes at Original section and at Variations section have not yet been evaluated and may migrate to Variants section.

The purpose of this page is to gather different scheme ideas around Worms 2D community. If you want to add a scheme to the list, become an editor of this wiki or ask to an editor if he/she can create and edit the desired scheme article. If the scheme gains enough notability, it will go to the Schemes page. Please write information about the scheme in its own article, and just add the link here. Don't forget to put the author of the scheme here and in the article.

Original schemes

Ideas with completely inovative gameplay.


Name Category Author
Chess (Sakk) Conventional gameplay Tomi
Scramble Conventional gameplay Run
Sudden Death Conventional gameplay FoxHound
Zook Training Other schemes Felo
Beef Race Weapon specific Cueshark
Builder Other schemes PePaR
Mine Drop Other schemes Cueshark
BOOM! Headshot / BHS Other schemes X920MikeyB
Die Pie Other schemes Cueshark
Runaway Roping Maxxis
Dominator Other schemes Breedybag
Counter-Strike Other schemes FiJer
Hide and Seek Unspecified TheMadCharles
Ghost Refuging Other schemes xyz
Specialists Conventional gameplay STRGRN
Fkey Strike Conventional gameplay goom
Lucky Strike Conventional gameplay Kradie
Minefield Racing Peti and Spepo
Dangerous Water / DW Racing Peti
Bowling Other schemes FoxyLady
Ping-pong Other schemes FoxyLady
Plinko Other schemes FoxyLady
Skinflint roping Roping Dario
Mine Race Racing merlade
Mom Wars Weapon Specific lacoste
Quoridor Other schemes Drumstick
4 in a Row Other schemes sbs
Gomoku (5 in a Row) Other schemes sbs
4 Elements Other schemes sbs
Worms Tennis Other schemes Ljusdahl
BuildConv Other schemes TheMadCharles


Name Category Author
Plop War Rubber Version Convencional gameplay Fighter
Jumper Conventional gameplay DreamTrance
Neocombat Conventional gameplay DumbBongChow
Snooker Unspecified schemes FoxHound
WeaponXpress Unspecified schemes Pac-Man
Flat Earth Apocalypse Weapon specific FoxHound
Pool Weapon specific SiD
Skeet Weapon specific ivan
Hoops Weapon specific SiD
Mortal Conventional gameplay oinky
Pigeon Hunt Weapon specific Xrayez
Clay Pigeon Shooting Other schemes Cueshark
Driver Racing sbs
Worms Chess Other schemes sbs
Mineball Other schemes Peti
Dud Mine Race Racing Peti
Take out the Mine Racing Skum
Plop for Win Other schemes sickmushroom
Fly:And:D!E Other schemes Gnork
Rubber Baseball Other schemes Ponty
King of the Ring Weapon specific Skum
Ludo Other schemes sbs

Variant schemes

Ideas that are inspired on one or more schemes, have some similarities to them, but offer a different way to play them (implementing a new concept). Variants are too original to be a simple variation, but have too many similar aspects with particular schemes to be considered 100% original concept scheme.


Name A new way to play Author
Trick Shot Race Trick Race iClown
FFie's Fly for Weapons / FFW Walk for Weapons FFie
Trick WxW WxW Drake and SiD
Trick Before Attack Shopper BoNuS
Pro Basketball Worms Basketball kClown
Baseball Race Worms Golf xDNCxGhost64x
Sally Shopper Shopper kClown
Bungee Glitch Race Bungee Race Clamp and FoxHound
Board War Board Game sbs
Jet Pack War / JPW Aerial FoxHound
Fly-Forts Fly Shopper vaguener2
Fly for Weapons Fly Shopper DarkMitch
BWFWHRR Boom Race vaguener2
Hand to Hand / H2H Aerial Krivoy


Name A new way to play Author
Boom for Weapons / BFW Boom Race FoxHound
Rope on Ice Shopper sbs
Space Race Boom Race TheMadCharles
RopeShopper Shopper raffie
TeleShopper Shopper Kradie
Teleporting Shopper sbs
Teleport to Crate / T2C Shopper Kradie
Goku Battle Arena King of the Ring TOMT
Black-Hole Golf Worms Golf sbs
Black Hole Fort Fort sbs
Black Hole Shopper Shopper RUSH?

Variation schemes

Slightly modifications to a scheme, gameplay is almost the same.


Name Edition of Author
1HP Hysteria Hysteria FoxHound
Balanced WxW WxW FoxHound
Dolly Sheep Intermediate / Elite Buick
Dynamic Team17 Team17 FoxHound
Earthquake Tower Tower Race Pac-Man
Highsteria Hysteria Fighter
Hysteria Arsenal Hysteria FoxHound
Professional WxW WxW FoxHound
RainCrates Team17 Fighter
Superspeedsheeper Supersheeper Pac-Man
TnTower Tower Race Pac-Man
Weird Shopper Shopper Pac-Man
Freemediate Intermediate Kaleu
Selecsteria Hysteria Kaleu
Orghyst Hysteria STRGRN
Doublyst Hysteria TheMadCharles
AFG Shopper Shopper TheMadCharles
Petrol Wars Burning Girders TheMadCharles
Barbacue Petrol Wars TheMadCharles
Red Zero Paranoia TheMadCharles


Name Edition of Author
Blitz Fort Sheep Fort DumbBongChow
DBC's Kaos Kaos Normal DumbBongChow
Gravity Warfare Gravity Intermediate DumbBongChow
JetPack Assault JetPack Shopper DumbBongChow
Multi Sheep Race Super Sheep Race / Sheep Glitch lacoste
Nanageddon WeaponXpress Pac-Man
Triple Shopper Shopper DumbBongChow
HardCaveShop Shopper TheMadCharles

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