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FatalFanatic (nowadays better known as FFie) is a W:A player from Hungary. She started playing online back in December 2001.

On February 22nd 2002, she founded the clan RopeRace Professionals together with Ichiban, because they liked the scheme very much. It was not to become a league-oriented clan. The League of Leetness was an exception to this rule, mainly because FFie was the admin of that league. Despite that RRp was signed up, no games were played by them.

W:A maps

Not long after her first games online, she made the first of what was to become a very impressive line of maps, starting off with Rope Race maps. In total, 100 black & white maps were created with varying themes and attention to detail not often seen in RR maps at the time.

When the Beta patch was released that allowed colour maps, FFie was the first to use Super Mario sprites to make a colour map. The RR and Shopper map are the first of what was to become the most popular theme in coloured maps. The shopper map in particular was very good and some still find it to be the best shopper map ever made.

Though all of FFie's maps stand out by the attention to detail, a few maps deserve extra mention. One of her shopper maps was turned into a competition, where people were sent on a mission to find as many easter eggs as possible on the map[1]. Nobody was able to find every easter egg, but Jehuty found most easter eggs. As a reward, FFie dedicated her Pixel Nightmare[2] map to him, a map made completely in paint, using only self-made pixel art to the theme of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. This map single-handedly proved that even with paint, very good maps can be made, as long as enough attention is given to it.

W:A resources

In 2004, FFie was approached by aliceInChains to help him update WMDB. Since tags by moderators were added through their joint effort, they were helped by Jehuty and DarkOne to tag the large amount of maps available on WMDB at the time. Though FFie is no longer very active in managing WMDB, she still fixes any errors that may occur.

Also in 2004, while watching the Olympics, FFie came up with the idea of having a new kind of competition for W:A. Normal leagues have been available for a while, but this competition was to be that existed solely of tournaments. With the help of DarkOne, the Worm Olympics were founded. Their joint effort has made it into a success that has been hosted again December 2005, the summer of 2006 and the 2008 version is taking place this summer.

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