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The purpose of this page is to gather different scheme ideas around Worms 2D community.

If you want to add a scheme to the list, become an editor of this wiki or ask to an editor if he/she can create and edit the desired scheme article. If the scheme gains enough notability, it will go to the Schemes page. Please write information about the scheme in its own article, and just add the link for it here along with its name. Don't forget to put the author, the category or the scheme in which it is derived, the year or source links of the scheme here. In the article, please inform the date of the scheme release or the most precise time or period of time of the release, with source links, map links and the original or good example of scheme file, if possible. Details about the history of the scheme are important.

The classification "Original or variants" and "Variants or variations" is provisory and may change, since there's a lot of gray areas between those terms. Some variants can be more original or more close to a simple variation than others. What is an original scheme? Maybe everything is a variant. Players may disagree with the classification. The specific categories of the schemes listed here were based on Schemes page and a bit on Worms Scheme Contest, but they can be considered provisory or even obsolete. After v3.8 the category "RubberWorm/ESO" might be confusing, since some old schemes can be updated, and now RubberWorm is included, coded in the main game and is not a wormkit module anymore (only if you play with older versions). What matters: the articles and the schemes themselves more than any provisory classification.

Some schemes might be missing, specially the most recent ones, since the community is always creating new ideas. Some old schemes might be missing because they were forgotten or not seen. Some were not added because they are not so creative, or there is not much information about them to be here for now. Remember that writing articles and listing schemes here is done by humans and this takes time. Some other schemes are not here because there are already a Variant or variation section including information about it inside an article of Schemes page. You can also use the search to find these schemes.

Note: Schemes are text files. Some browsers may open them for you to read (appearing bizarre characters) instead of downloading them. If this happens, just right click on the download link, then select "save link as" and the file will be downloaded successfully.

Conventional schemes

Original or variants

Name Category Author Year / Source
Chess (Sakk) Conventional gameplay Tomi 2010
Jet Pack War / JPW Conventional gameplay FoxHound 2009
Scramble Conventional gameplay Run 2010
Sudden Death Conventional gameplay FoxHound 2009
Zook Training Other schemes Felo 2009
Beef Race Weapon specific Cueshark 2005
BWFWHRR Racing vaguener2 2010
Mine Drop Other schemes Cueshark 2007
Die Pie Other schemes Cueshark 2005
Fkey Strike Conventional gameplay goom 2019
Mom Wars Weapon Specific lacoste 2009
Skinflint Roping Racing Dario 2009
Rope Knocking Roping Swordfish 2017
Knock Race (series) Racing chaos ~2009-2012
Counter-Strike Other schemes FiJer 2012
Runaway Roping Maxxis 2008
Cow Pow Weapon specific Memox 2019
Bungee Plop Weapon specific wormystormy 2013
Building Convention / BuildConv Roping TheMadCharles 2016
Team Wormtress Other schemes M3ntal ~2003-2008
Rumble and Ramble / RnR Conventional gameplay Xrayez 2013
Explosion Other schemes xMLPxLucas 2007
Quidditch Worms Edition Other schemes LeTotalKiller 2010
Duel of Schemes (series) Unspecified schemes sbs 2013
Control The King Other schemes LordFalcon  ?-2010
Baseball Race Weapon specific xDNCxGhost64x 2009
The Calling Weapon specific chester 2010
4 in a Row Other schemes sbs 2017
Gomoku (5 in a Row) Other schemes sbs 2017
Parachute Game / Chute Game / Chutewar / Catch the Pixel Racing Squiffel  ?-2006
Builder Other schemes PePaR WMDB, WMDB 2
Fly-Forts Other schemes vaguener2 WSC, WMDB, WMDB 2
BOOM! Headshot / BHS Other schemes X920MikeyB WMDB, TUS
Dominator Other schemes Breedybag WMDB
Hand to Hand / H2H Conventional gameplay Krivoy TUS, BTP, WO
Hide and Seek Unspecified TheMadCharles TUS, WMDB
Ghost Refuging Other schemes xyz WMDB
Specialists Conventional gameplay STRGRN TUS
Lucky Strike Conventional gameplay Kradie TUS
Minefield Racing Peti and Spepo / MRLube WMDB, TUS
Dangerous Water / DW Racing Peti, CMV, and GoGo WSC, WMDB
Bowling Other schemes Tjh, FoxyLady WMDB, WoRmS.oRg.Ua, TUS
Ping-pong Other schemes FoxyLady WMDB
Plinko Other schemes FoxyLady WMDB, WMDB 2
Fly for Weapons Other schemes DarkMitch WMDB
Mine Race Racing merlade WMDB
Trick WxW Roping lightdragon WMDB, WMDB 2, TUS
Trick Before Attack / TBA Roping Star Worms nlF, WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3, WMDB 4, WMDB 5, TUS, TUS 2
Pro Basketball Roping kClown WMDB
Quoridor Other schemes Drumstick WMDB
4 Elementos Other schemes sbs WMDB
Worm Tennis Other schemes Ljusdahl WMDB
Martyn Brown War / MBW Weapon specific Krivoy TUS
Wind Roulette Other schemes ivan TUS
Teleport Race Racing DarkWorm BTP, WMDB, WMDB 2
Girder Battle Race Racing Wrigglerjoel WMDB, WMDB 2
Dodge The Meteors Weapon specific Grunkk WMDB
Comet Dodging Race / CDR Weapon specific TheMadCharles TUS, WMDB
Survivor Weapon specific GUERREIRO-RJ TUS
Mortar War Weapon specific GUERREIRO-RJ TUS
Terrorismo Other schemes Davor LW
Supervivencia Conventional gameplay Davor LW
Sink Other schemes philie TUS, TUS 2, WMDB
Boom Race Golfcourse Other schemes DassFass and STRGRN WMDB
Hunter Conventional gameplay PePaR WMDB
Sheep Crating Other schemes Snado TUS
Dungeon Shopper Other schemes PePaR WMDB
Special War Other schemes Zed WMDB, WMDB 2
Worms Curling Other schemes xyz WMDB
Big Shot Contest Other schemes NickyNick WO (2008)
SniperVsWalkers Other schemes TRX WMDB
Sniper Other schemes Jehuty WMDB
Escape Other schemes shamballa WMDB, BTP, BTP 2
Bloody Omaha Other schemes Pacino TUS
AHIAZ's Parachute Battle Conventional gameplay AHIAZ TUS
Barrels and mines Conventional gameplay Gnar WMDB, WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Kill the Beast Other schemes Grunkk WMDB
1 vs. 4 Other schemes sbs WMDB
Comet Dodging Weapon specific Unknown WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Blackjack Other schemes Impossible TUS
Worm Race Other schemes Husk / Street? TUS
Cursor Race Racing Masta TUS, TUS 2
9-Ball Pool Other schemes Cueshark TUS
leafsaber47's Realistic Conventional gameplay leafsaber47 TUS
Save The Worms Other schemes sLuG WSC
Red Green Blue Conventional gameplay Wolverine WSC
Archery Other schemes Casso / FoxyLady WSC, WMDB, WMDB
Airborne Worms Other schemes BBalu95 WSC
Teleshop Other schemes Minhoco WSC
Bungee Fight Other schemes Bloopy Bloopy
Bungee (scheme) Other schemes Bloopy Bloopy, SFX
Pixels Other schemes Bloopy Bloopy, WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Assault Course Racing MrTPenguin Bloopy
Red Wraith's Mine Bomber Other schemes Red Wraith, 2, 3
Parachute Battle Other schemes Red Wraith, 2, 3
Longbow Darts Other schemes Red Wraith, 2, 3
Mole Digger Other schemes Red Wraith, 2, 3
Pokéworm Other schemes Rob B.
Mine Tennis Other schemes Beta, TUS
The King Other schemes Rodrigo WMDB
Survival Other schemes Metalkorka WMDB
Homing Race Weapon specific xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Rope Step Racer / RSR Other schemes Laban WMDB
Bookcase Other schemes Azzedo WMDB
WxW Forts Roping Thc WMDB
WORMINETOR Racing Chief and TesterMan69 WMDB
wRRw Racing saifron WMDB
Architecture Other schemes Wirsbo WMDB
Quick Response / QR Other schemes sbs WMDB
Portal Underground Complex Other schemes Cespenar WMDB
Mine Strike Only Weapon specific flapjack WMDB
MB Bomb Race Weapon specific Greg WMDB
Basketball w1w Roping Greg WMDB
Spyro Weapon specific belle3100 BTP
Fly Society Unspecified schemes (Racing? Roping?) pRoStAtE WMDB
Animals Weapon specific sbs WMDB
Bridge War Conventional gameplay guyonleft WMDB
Darkside Game Other schemes EasterExplorer WoRmS.oRg.Ua
GeneralGamer's Worms Baseball Other schemes GeneralGamer WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Worms on pipes Other schemes GeneralGamer WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Only Nades Weapon specific Leggiao WMDB
Patsy no retreat destruction Weapon specific DemiGOD WMDB
Lucky Hit Unspecified schemes piki1802 WMDB
Gunner Conventional gameplay Nachox UIS
Surf for Weapons Other schemes Guzu WMDB
WORMS PACHINKO Other schemes goosey WMDB
Shotgun Weapon specific Kaleu TUS
Petrol Race Racing Evil Bunny WKB
D_Wormkiller's Survival Other schemes D_Wormkiller WMDB
Alexis' series Other schemes alexis WMDB
15 sec Conventional gameplay Metalkorka WMDB, WMDB 2
Cannon Banana Other schemes jANUSZbIEDa WMDB
Bazooka and Utilities / BnU Other schemes Nikita2387 WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Ecstasy14's scheme Other schemes Ecstasy14 WoRmS.oRg.Ua
nAPDOH's scheme Unspecified schemes nAPDOH WMDB
Weapon Me / WM Other schemes Kradie TUS
Endurance Roping Shroom WMDB
BOOM the X Other schemes Walkingon WMDB
Attack - Defend Other schemes Walkingon WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WMDB 1, WMDB 2
Base Invaders Other schemes NAiL WMDB
Mine Surfing Game Other schemes Kirill-Gamer TUS, TUS 2, TUS 3, TUS 4
The Seven Frames Other schemes MEDVEDxEvilPunk WMDB
Cave Diggers Other schemes Ljusdahl WMDB
Fall Other schemes wowwow WMDB
Air Strike Other schemes Gal WO (Winter 2010)
Two Worms Conventional gameplay Unknown WO (2010), WO (2009), WO 2009 2
Power Play Conventional gameplay M0rph1umDuck? WO (2008)
Another Type of Game Other schemes Leo_nya WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Football Other schemes Aleskey WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Baseball Bat Wars Other schemes Proveyron WMDB, WMDB
Ladders of Death Other schemes Borko WMDB
Travelling Worms Other schemes xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Hitworm Other schemes Peja and philie WMDB, TUS, TUS 2
Long Jump Weapon specific rollo WMDB
grenadeguy's jetpack scheme Conventional gameplay grenadeguy TUS,TUS 2
Mine Quake Other schemes shamballa WMDB
Shoot a Goal Other schemes Godfather WMDB, BTP, BTP 2
Bounty Hunter Other schemes llRoPellMathieu WMDB
Grid Wars Other schemes gnardogjay WMDB
rLxLucas' Plop War Other schemes rLxLucas WMDB
Bowtour Weapon specific Bugsy WMDB
Slide Racing sylver WMDB
Worm Cannon Other schemes Redneck WMDB, Clan AF1
WFW Race Racing Braska WMDB
Worms Baseball Other schemes LiquidRoPeR WMDB
Skim Other schemes SKORPION WMDB
Rowy Madness Other schemes HHC TUS, WO 2013, WO 2014, WO 2015, WO 2016
Max scheme Other schemes Godmax? WO 2015
Twyrfher's Survivor Conventional gameplay Twyrfher? WO 2013
Game for Shooters Other schemes Peltzi, MrChupidi WO 2006, WO 2006 2
Grenade Wars Weapon specific unknown WO 2016, WMDB, TUS, TUS 2, TUS 3, TUS 4, TUS 5, TUS 6
Wall Game Other schemes Kieran (BLaDE) and LunaticFringe TUS
Worms Skiing Other schemes Pioneer332 and Pomster TUS

Variants or variations

Name Original Author Year / Source
1HP Hysteria Hysteria FoxHound 2009
Balanced WxW WxW FoxHound 2010
Dolly Sheep Intermediate / Elite Buick ~2006-2009
Dynamic Team17 Team17 FoxHound 2010
Earthquake Tower Tower Race Pac-Man 2012
Highsteria Hysteria Fighter 2011
Hysteria Arsenal Hysteria FoxHound 2009
Professional WxW WxW FoxHound 2011
RainCrates Team17 Fighter 2010
Superspeedsheeper Supersheeper Pac-Man 2014
TnTower Tower Race Pac-Man 2011
Weird Shopper Shopper Pac-Man 2012
Freemediate Intermediate Kaleu 2020
Selecsteria Hysteria Kaleu 2020
Chute Out Comet Dodging Race Wee OutofOrder ~2007
Sally Shopper Shopper kClown 2012
Digger Shopper / Plop War ConnY 2013
Jetpack Blitz Shopper / Petrolia / Jetpack BnG Shadow The Worm 2017
Crate Race Baseball Bat RR / Wascar / Rope Race Dragon and OutofOrder 2004
Race Around a Man Rope Race Metalkorka 2010
Pétanque The relatives of Darts admi 2009
Help The Sheep Beat The Sheep / Check Point Rope Race FoxHound TBA (2023?)
Bat Festival Plop War emteka 2012
Orghyst Hysteria STRGRN TUS
Trick Shot Race Trick Race iClown WMDB
Bungee Glitch Race Bungee Race Clamp and FoxHound WMDB
Doublyst Hysteria TheMadCharles TUS
AFG Shopper Shopper TheMadCharles TUS
Petrol Wars Burning Girders TheMadCharles TUS
Barbacue Petrol Wars TheMadCharles TUS
Red Zero Paranoia TheMadCharles TUS
FMA's Pro Mole Mole Shopper FMA TUS
Xysteria Hysteria Xrayez TUS
Jet-Kune-Do / JKD Hand to Hand / H2H sbs WMDB
Dig Race Digging Race xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Float for Weapons Walk for Weapons Wrigglerjoel WMDB, WMDB 2
Ghost Race Walk Race XanKriegor TUS
Water Race Rope Race Enlil WMDB, LW, WMDB 2, WMDB 3
Siege Fort Enlil WMDB
Hot Pursuit Runaway rodrigoloc LW
Kamikaze (scheme) Kami Peja and philie TUS, TUS 2, WMDB, WO 2011, WO 2013
Capture The Flag Shopper / CTFS Shopper / Capture The Flag PPM and D1KSQu4D WMDB
The Full Hysteria Hysteria / One of Everything Kangaroo TUS
Kangaroo's Crate Race TTRR Kangaroo TUS
Basejump Battle Race Husk? TUS
Improved Comet Doging Comet Dodging Race Wee DonMega WMDB
StayAlive DIY Fort / Girder Battle Race / Tower Race Matso WMDB, WMDB 2
Climb Tower Zook TestStuff Tower Race JayC WMDB, WMDB 2
Castle Raid Capture The Flag Cheetah WMDB, WMDB 2
Multi-challenge Rope Race EusKaDi TUS, TUS 2, WMDB, WMDB 2
Hysteria Race BWFWHRR sbs WMDB
Rush Elite / Giga Speed franz TUS
Hystereversia Shopper / Hysteria SUK Worms Česky
Donkey Fly Shopper Unknown Worms Česky
Flaming Madness Burning Girders Glukcher WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WoRmS.oRg.Ua 2, WoRmS.oRg.Ua 3, WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3, WMDB 4
Orcs and Humans Fort Wormoman WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WoRmS.oRg.Ua 2
Numbers BnG TheKomodo and darKz TUS
Forts after Armageddon / FAA Fort SIBASA TUS
Realistic Rope Race Rope Race SolidSunny954 TUS
AquaSheeper Supersheeper / Sheep Fort czlowiek-kredens and Maksim WMDB
CreamFlavour Intermediate Kraidhan TUS
Shopper for Weapons Shopper / Walk for Weapons Wolverine WSC
Deathmatch42 Intermediate HereHeComes WSC
Minhoco's Ping Pong Fort / Ping-pong Minhoco WSC
Pinball BnA / Mine Madness vaguener2 WMDB
Fly-Atack Fly-Forts vaguener2 WSC
Roper Maze Roper / Rope Race Red Wraith, 2, 3
BnG Darts BnG Red Wraith, 2, 3
TT Battle Racer Battle Race Red Wraith, 2, 3
Sascar Super Sheep Race / Wascar Red Wraith, 2
Advanced and Veteran (series) Elite Red Wraith, 2
Speck Game BnA / Fort / Roper / BnG Imaginer SFX, cal_fin
Horizontal Clymbing Race Rope Race WaWe WMDB
Shoot the bull Archery wowwow WMDB
Plop Me ! Plop War Kosio0 WMDB
JetParkour Tower Race / Jetpack Race Mister Spolding, MEDVEDxEvilPunk WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3, WMDB 4
Chicken Race Darts chester WMDB
Battle Tower Tower Race unknown, scarface011606, JayC WMDB
Grenade BnG PePaR WMDB
Strategic Full Wormage Full Wormage e-moose WMDB
NoDynamite Full Wormage Catelite WMDB
Avoid the Water Dangerous Water / Hang'em High Calibrate WMDB
Flood Race Dig Race / Dangerous Water / Mole Shopper Zalo TUS
Stone Skipping Water Race / Surf Race / Darts XanKriegor WMDB, TUS
Gangster Wars BOOM! Headshot SuperNova WMDB
Plop Shopper Digger / Shopper / Plop War flapjack WMDB
Crazy Race / Multi Race / Multi defi / 3in1 Jetpack Race / Rope Race / Bungee Race / Battle Race / Super Sheep Race / Wascar Turko WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3, WMDB 4
Test Stuff Race Rope Race / Tower Rope Race Greg WMDB
Test Stuff Rope Race Rope Race MEDVEDxEvilPunk WMDB
Bunker Fort Konijo_PL BTP, BTP 2
Baseball 4020 Plop War / Shopper DassFass WMDB
Banana Race Boom Race / Banana Zone xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Pistol Wars BnA / Mine Madness Gravitorbox WMDB
Battle Zone Full Wormage Wolensheep WMDB
Jet Pack Shopper Shopper Unknown WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3, WMDB 4, TUS
Jet Pack WxW Shopper Unknown (PNDP?) BTP, WMDB
HomeRun Plop War / Bomb Surfer / MineBomber / WeaponXpress dan1elqlopesao WMDB
Surf Competition Water Race / Stone Skipping xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Team Survival Race Dangerous Water / Tower Race / Survival / StayAlive xyz WMDB
Supersheeper Plop War Supersheeper / Plop War neetch WMDB
FortWars Fort Parp WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Shoppa Strike? Shopper / Counter-Strike EasterExplorer WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Ploper-Shopper Shopper / Plop War "RB" Ramzet? WoRmS.oRg.Ua
MoleKitGonna Die Pie / Fort WormaShara WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WMDB
WormaShara's Mine Baseball Mineball WormaShara WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WMDB
Street Fighter Intermediate Zhukaster_Tsypa WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Fly N Arch Fly Shopper VickeX WMDB
Tower w1w Tower Rope Race / WxW MEDVEDxEvilPunk WMDB
Nade War Plinko HWPhomewormproduction WMDB
IndiMask CTF Capture The Flag FatassNeckbeard? WMDB
IndiMask WxW WxW Plutonic WMDB, WMDB 2
Grenade War BnG / Holy War xdproducciones? WMDB, WMDB 2
Hysteria with Crates Hysteria Sinistar WMDB
Banana Race Boom Race Brace? WMDB
Pistol Wars Mine Madness / BnA Gravitorbox WMDB
Invisible Shopper Shopper Brace WMDB
Invisible Corner Madness Rope Race Syc0 WMDB
Baseball Plop War NECxCalicoo? WMDB
RopeWar Rope Race !Snake WMDB
Vigas17 Team17 / Holy War Klvo and Crowe UIS
HysteRoper Hysteria / Roper rodrigoloc UIS
Survivor Race Rope Race Tano WMDB
WxW Race Rope Race / Wall-X-Wall Shopper LIYO WMDB
Roper Reversed Roper Kradie TUS
Wall 2 Break WxW Kradie TUS
Interchange Lucky Strike / Alt-F4 Kradie TUS
Grenade Holes Golf / Plinko Enni WMDB
Holy War 2.0 Golf / Plinko Cueshark WMDB
Bunker wars SniperVsWalkers Metalkorka WMDB, WMDB 2
Rainbow Sheeper Super Sheep Race Cueshark WMDB
Towersheeprace Super Sheep Race / Tower Race Enni WMDB
Ladder Walk Race Walk Race vvvUKaaa WMDB
Corner Shopper Base Invaders / Shopper NAiL WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3
Vertical Wars Full Wormage vaguener2 WMDB, WMDB 2
Roper WxW WxW / Roper PCycle WMDB
Sheeprace + RopeRace Super Sheep Race / Rope Race Cueshark WMDB, WMDB 2
Speed Race Rope Race / w1w Anti Sink wowwow WMDB
Air Strikes Air Strike sbs WMDB
Fire Game Flaming Madness EasterExplorer WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Ploper-Shopper Shopper WormkoS WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Urban PiXeL BnA Pashok WoRmS.oRg.Ua
OLEG778's Shotgun BnA OLEG778 WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Bazooka War BnA Worm Profi WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Fly Battle - air battle BnA / Mine Madness / Banana Zone Wormoman WoRmS.oRg.Ua
The Ultimate Roper WxW / Shopper / Rope Race xpsdeset WO 2009, WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3
Star Wars Capture The Flag Jo WMDB
Troy Siege / Ghost Refuging Jo WMDB
Ball Panic Golf Alex-car WMDB
Imperial Race Rope Race LonGleY, zod WMDB
Bungee Knockers Ghost Knocking xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Arena Bungee Shopper Grunkk WMDB
Drill Golf Darts / Golf / Rope Golf xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
Sheeper Shopper Shopper xxpoguisxx WMDB
Remisteria Hysteria / Petrolia REM, Tom, and Klvox UIS
Air Rope Race Trick Race xDNCxGhost64x WMDB
FlyRace / Freestyle Race Trick Race PRworms / jastrix and morf WMDB, WMDB 2
LowGravity FlyRace Surf Race Flimmy WMDB
Maximum Fly LowGravity FlyRace / Water Race / Long Jump LOLLKILLERreboot WMDB
Froggers grenadeguy's jetpack scheme doc TUS
Rope Golf Darts / Golf / Drill Golf xSQDxshawn WMDB
Gate to Gate / GxG WxW / Drive-by Shopper Unknown WMDB, WMDB 2, WMDB 3
Super Sheep Attack Supersheeper Plop War / Supersheeper Myself WO 2008, WMDB
Pitfall Tower Rope Race / Rope Race xdRxSYLver WMDB
Bungee Wascar Bungee Race / Wascar c0o1 WMDB, WMDB 2
Mine Baseball Mineball Braska WMDB
Worm Cup Soccer Worms Basketball TimLu WMDB
Online Mission nr1 / Rocket Rope Race Cannon Rope Race VickeX WMDB
Forced Skim WxW / Surf Shopper NoCtrl WMDB
Extreme Shoppa Jet Pack Shopper SKORPION WMDB
Weapons Party Clockworm Orange / Rowy LobsterBuster TUS, TUS 2
Jattamediate Intermediate jattaman TUS
Longbow Maniac BnA Twyrfher? WO 2009, WO 2009 2
Grenade/banana king Banana Zone loumarty TUS
Super RR Sheep TTRR / Super Sheep Race Wyvern WO 2006
Tower Ride Capture The Flag Cheetah Acid Bananas
Worm Toss Longjump / Darts lolatu TUS
Long Jump Worm Toss / Darts Unknown TUS, WMDB, WMDB 2

Extended Scheme Options or RubberWorm schemes

Original or variants

Name Category Author Year / Source
Boom for Weapons / BFW Racing FoxHound 2009
Jumper Conventional gameplay DreamTrance  ?-2011
Snooker Unspecified schemes FoxHound 2011
WeaponXpress Unspecified schemes Pac-Man 2011‎
Flat Earth Apocalypse Weapon specific FoxHound 2020
Pool Weapon specific SiD 2012
Skeet Weapon specific ivan 2017
Hoops Weapon specific SiD 2017
Goku Battle Arena Weapon specific pavlepavle 2011-2020
Mortal Conventional gameplay oinky 2011
Driver Racing sbs 2004-2014
Worms Chess Other schemes sbs 2014
Space Cows Weapon specific TBikelis 2020
Drive for Weapons Racing FoxHound and sbs 2020-2022
Space Race Racing STRGRN 2017
Realistic Conventional gameplay czlowiek-kredens 2021
Zero-G Minigolf / zmg Racing orbik 2019-2022
Rubber Baseball Other schemes Ponty ~2009
Ludo Other schemes sbs 2017
The Hunger Worms Other schemes sbs 2014
House of Crates Other schemes sbs 2018
Peti's Mineball Other schemes Peti ~2009
Rubber Rush Conventional gameplay Dario 2012
Pigeon Hunt Weapon specific Xrayez TUS
Clay Pigeon Shooting Other schemes Cueshark WMDB
Mineball Other schemes Unknown, DJOSZEE? WoRmS.oRg.Ua, SFX, TUS, TUS 2, TUS 3, TUS 4, TUS 5, TUS 6, TUS 7, TUS 8, TUS 9, KTC, Worms Clan, Worms Clan 2
Plop for Win Other schemes sickmushroom WMDB
Fly:And:D!E Other schemes Gnork WMDB, BTP, BTP 2, BTP 3
Teleport to Crate / T2C Other schemes Kradie TUS
King of the Ring Weapon specific Skum WMDB
Get Frank Other schemes philie, Peja TUS, WSC
Target Trick Race Racing Kradie TUS
Petrol on Ice Other schemes sbs WMDB
Ye Olde Whiskey Other schemes STRGRN TUS
The Maze Wormer Other schemes sbs WMDB
Free Race Other schemes sbs WMDB
Moonwalk Conventional gameplay Don TUS, WO 2014
Jet Zook Other schemes Kradie TUS
Wormopoly Party Other schemes CAK-RULES TUS, WMDB
Psychedelic Conventional gameplay czlowiek-kredens TUS
No Jumping Conventional gameplay czlowiek-kredens TUS
Collect Schemes (series) Weapon specific Kradie TUS 1, TUS 2, TUS 3, TUS 4, TUS 5
Knockers Other schemes SIBASA TUS, WMDB
Mutants Mission (series) Other schemes sbs WMDB
BOING! Racing Peti WMDB, WSC
BomberWorm Unspecified schemes CAK-RULES TUS, WMDB
Quinary Boom Flier Weapon specific Skum WMDB
Surf Punch Weapon specific SIBASA TUS, TUS 2, WMDB
Speed Mole Conventional gameplay Kradie TUS, TUS 2
Kradie's Grid Wars Other schemes Kradie TUS
Players vs HyperCPU Conventional gameplay czlowiek-kredens TUS
Kill to Steal / K2S Other schemes Kradie TUS
Jet and Nade / JAN Other schemes Kradie TUS, TUS 2
Bounce Race Racing Xrayez TUS, TUS 2, TUS 3
JumboShrimp's Minefield Conventional gameplay JumboShrimp TUS
Sticky Grenades Weapon specific Fighter TUS

Variants or variations

Name Original Author Year / Source
Blitz Fort Sheep Fort DumbBongChow 2011
DBC's Kaos Kaos Normal DumbBongChow 2011
Gravity Warfare Gravity Intermediate DumbBongChow 2011
JetPack Assault JetPack Shopper DumbBongChow 2011
Multi Sheep Race Super Sheep Race / Sheep Glitch lacoste 2011
Nanageddon WeaponXpress Pac-Man 2011
Triple Shopper Shopper DumbBongChow 2011
Teleporting Shopper sbs 2017
Take out the Mine Mine Race Skum 2012
Colossal Shopper Shopper FoxHound 2013-2020
MineBomber Bomb Surfer? / Plop War? Unknown or Apocalypse?  ?-2009
Spawn for Weapons Walk for Weapons SIBASA and FoxHound 2021
Black Hole Shopper Shopper RUSH 2008
Black Hole Golf Golf sbs 2018
Black Hole Fort Fort / Black Hole BnG sbs 2018
Snorkel Space Race sbs 2022
RopeShopper Shopper raffie WMDB
TeleShopper Shopper Kradie TUS
Rope on Ice Shopper sbs WMDB
HardCaveShop Shopper TheMadCharles TUS
Dud Mine Race Mine Race Peti WMDB
Digger Racer Digging Race GARG0YLE WMDB
Dig Rope Race Digging Race Xankriegor WMDB, TUS
Only MB 3.8 Martyn Brown War eule TUS
Kaos Shopper Shopper Sensei TUS
Total Time Trial Rope Race / TTTRR TTRR Kradie TUS
RichUK's Rubber Mole Mole Shopper / Kaos Mole Shopper RichUK WMDB
Crate War Only Crates Crespo TUS
Supermarket Shopper / SMS Shopper CAK-RULES TUS
Climb Tower DIY Fort / Girder Battle Race / Tower Race santander TUS
Windy Day Intermediate Thewolensheep TUS
Tornado (series) Full Wormage, Shopper, One of Everything, Boom Race, Rope Race Ytrojan TUS
PanicShoppa Shopper M4Dbrat TUS
Asteroid Dodge Race Comet Dodging Race Kradie TUS
Board Shopper Shopper / Shopper for Weapons / Spawn for Weapons Kradie TUS
Zone Shopper Shopper / Board Shopper Kradie TUS
Hang'em High Girder Race MEDVEDxEvilPunk WoRmS.oRg.Ua, WSC
ZaR subschemes (series) ZaR Roper ZaR TUS, TUS 2
80normal Intermediate / 90normal Dario TUS
Dark Mole Project Mole Shopper Zalo TUS
90normal Intermediate Dario TUS
PlanetBanana Black Hole BnG / Banana Zone / Fort flapjack WMDB
Active Strike Lucky Strike Kradie TUS
Icy Storm Windy Day czlowiek-kredens TUS
RT-Tennis Ping-pong / Worm Tennis / Mine Tennis Unknown (Corujão?) TUS
Hyper Cube Mole Shopper / Kaos Mole Shopper Matso WMDB
w1w Anti Sink WxW FoxHound WMDB
Glitchbungeesheep Basketball Worms Basketball / Multi Sheep Race / Multi Super Sheep Fort BaZa, pavlepavle, Drevni and micro WMDB, FAW
Moles n' Crates / MnC Team17 / Only Crates FoxHound FoxHound (2006-2009)
Double ZAR Roper / DZR ZaR Roper Kradie TUS
Girder Shopper BuildConv Kradie TUS
Sonic Jetter Aerial Kradie TUS
Spider-ZaR ZaR Roper Kradie TUS
merlade's Walk Race Walk Race merlade WMDB
czlowiek-kredens's Hide and Seek Ghost Knocking / Hide and Seek czlowiek-kredens TUS
Paraport Shoppa Parachute Shopper sumaka TUS, TUS 2
Inverted BnG BnG sbs WMDB
Inverted Boom Race Boom Race sbs WMDB
papich Kaos Arthas TUS
Kaozar Kaos / papich Kradie TUS
Walk Shopper Shopper / Parachute Shopper / Bungee Shopper / Battle Race Kirill-Gamer TUS, TUS 2, TUS 3
Baseball Mine Mineball / Peti's Mineball / Mine Baseball lales WO (2009)
Water ZaR Roper Kradie TUS
wkShopper Shopper Warg? TUS
Mineball Sicky Mineball sickmushroom WMDB
Black Hole Fly WxW Black Hole Shopper MORFsW WMDB
8 seconds Roper / 8sR Roper Pisra TUS, TUS 2
Fallout Intermediate mike-e TUS
operation Windy Day / Icy Storm iidoyila TUS
Sonicegorsan's Hide and Seek Ghost Knocking / Hide and Seek / czlowiek-kredens's Hide and Seek Sonicegorsan TUS, TUS 2
Tele Kaos Teleshop / Kaos Fighter TUS
Mineblast Mineball Fighter TUS
Gravity Battle / Space Battle Snooker crmm1792 (a.k.a. CAK-RULES) TUS, WMDB

Project X schemes

Original or variants

Name Category Author Year / Source
Total Annihilation Unspecified schemes GeneralGamer WoRmS.oRg.Ua
Paint Race Unspecified schemes :ALEX: WMDB, WoRmS.oRg.Ua

Variants or variations

Name Original Author Year / Source

See also

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