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BWFWHRR is a long acronym for various different scheme concepts reunited as one. It is a pot-pourri, a medley, a megamix of these (at least) 5 schemes: Boom Race, Walk for Weapons, Hysteria, Battle Race and Rope Race. Even though being that big mixture, it is a race scheme that you can progress blasting your own worm (like Boom Race), walking or jumping (like Battle Race) or roping around (like Rope Race), however it depends on the weapon of the F-key your worm is standing on (like Walk for Weapons), so a way to rope is, for example, if you begin a turn on the F8-key corresponding image. The scheme also borrows Hysteria's 1 second of turn time and 1 weapon per F-key at the inventory (maybe that's why the maps usually do not have weapon sprites, but F-key images). The retreat time is long, so it is possible to jump and walk a lot after or even during a weapon drop, so, it is possible to position your worm where you want after dropping a Holy Hand Grenade for example or simply start jumping, because it may take you further depending on the weapon or the area. Some maps require the use of TestStuff.


BWFWHRR was invented by vaguener2, being released on 21st April 2010 on WMDB as this map + scheme. The scheme was the first to incorporate Hysteria elements into a race and was one of the first to incorporate Walk for Weapons elements into a race, along with Boom for Weapons and WFW Race.

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