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and Random00; taken from Worm Olympics
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Every team places their worms on one side of the map containing 2 forts which are usually divided by water and mirrored. In Worms World Party, each player's team has a fort, the same way as the Team weapons, being easier to play the game and common to play with different forts, choosing the right Wormpot.


While one of the more popular rules involve not invading enemy forts, and also not stealing crates (fishing), the original incarnation of this mode allowed for invasion, but provided no ropes. Several maps provide methods for attacking the enemy base directly, and these are best played with weapon schemes that offer rewarding "up close and personal" weapons, such as the minigun, dynamite, or the various melee weapons.


The concept was originally devised by Toast and postman in early 2000, and was first played on a map with a "briar patch"-like mess of terrain between the two forts. The scheme has since been included in several Worms titles as an official game mode.

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