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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Roper game with Random00
and MonkeyIsland; taken from Worm Olympics
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Twin island map with a full border and water set to 'waterdrop' level. Usually artificial, but can be randomly generated.
Examples at the WMDB
One worm per player.

Roper is a classic rope-based scheme in which each turn, the active player collects a health crate, then attacks other teams with the given infinite weapons (bazooka, mine and grenade). Given the short turn time (commonly 15 seconds), skill with the use of the Ninja Rope is advantageous. The water level is set in a way that allows weapons to sink through the bottom border but worms remain standing on it, a setting known as Water drops. This makes it difficult to quickly use a mine or grenade on a worm standing on the bottom of the map, but bazookas still explode on impact.


The following is a list of the most commonly-agreed rules for the roper scheme. Although variations and disagreements about rules occur sometimes, such conflicts have been historically much rarer in roper than in Shopper, with these common rules remaining agreed upon by the community at large since shortly after the release of Worms Armageddon.

  • Bazooka first - Players must attack only with bazooka on the first turn.
  • Attack From Rope (AFR) - Players must attack from a Ninja Rope (while attached or during rope-roll between attachments).
  • Crate Before Attack (CBA) - Players must collect a weapon crate before attacking. After Sudden Death has begun and no crates remain available to collect, players must touch both walls instead (termed "Wall To Wall (W2W)" or "Touch Both Walls (TBW)"). A touch is defined either by the sprite overlapping or the collision mask colliding with a pixel in the side wall, depending on player agreement or competition rules.
  • Kill The Leader (KTL) - Players must attack the team with the most health. Weapons may damage worms from other teams only if a worm from the leading team is also injured.

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