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This scheme has been removed from the Schemes page because it was deemed that it wasn't notable enough. If you think this scheme deserves to be added back to the Schemes page, please provide examples of it being played online on the talk page.
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Only Crates:
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Only Crates is a RubberWorm scheme, originated from the classic game of WWP where you only have unlimited teleports and lots and lots of crates appearing (continuous Crate Shower is on) during the game to get. The weapons that you collect stay for the next match (Stockpiling on). The classic scheme (this exemplar scheme of here is the classic scheme of WWP for WA) has 30 seconds of turn time, Super Weapons ON (but don't need to turn it on), and can has 150-200 HP. The Rope Power is 1 (one short shot per rope) because when someone get a Crate, it contains 3 ropes, so the lucky guy can get more crates and the others probably would have unfair game.

This game is very strategic (but depends of luck too) because the player must use what he/she collected, sometimes you don't have the best weapon to kill a worm, but have another that can do the job, sometimes, ninja attacks need to be done.


Find Crate Spy at the beginning

Crate Spy let you see if in the crate have something good or not, so when you teleport to a crate, you will choose a good weapon while the others won't know what is in the crate they are teleporting, the probability of they find weak weapons are greater than the one with Crate Spy.

Don't attack and collect crates when you're sure you can't win the match

Doing that makes the players that are winning spent their weapons while you collect more weapons for the next match. When the next match starts you will have a good arsenal to attack and win. The easier way to do that is using Invisibility.

Eliminate a player soon

Doing that a Donor Card will appear and the dead player will not collect many crates for the next round. When next round starts the player won't have good weapons while the others will have many more.

Teleport to a crate at the end of the turn if you don't attack

The Teleport is unlimited, so, if you will not attack and got all the crates possible during the turn time, get one more weapon teleporting to a crate. It's better than stay where you are that may be a dangerous place.


This scheme used to be hosted frequently in WWP by the player 007.

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