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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Professional WxW match
with FoxHound and kylez0rd
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Professional WxW is a WxW based in the !wsdb 1555 scheme created by BittahCommander wich has no probability to find weapons in crates (because there are health crates giving 0HP instead of weapon crates). Professional WxW has only 5 weapons that can damage (they are unlimited): Bazooka, Sheep Launcher, Grenade, Mole Bomb and Old Woman. All these weapons do damages and crater diameters similar or equal to the bazooka's standard power. Also, there are no oil drums, neither terrain mines.


There is a variation with Low Gravity (DMT's idea), being interesting if used with the weapons. Also, it can be enabled and disabled whenever the players want during the turn (there is no rule to use LG before playing), increasing the movement possibilities of the game.


The scheme was created by FoxHound in 2011.

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