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DBC KR.gif DumbBongChow DBC US.gif is a world-class ugly Korean addicted to making and playing rubber schemes. His Korean name is pronounced "Dong Bo Cha," and many Koreans misunderstand this name as some tea.

His Wild Scheme Creations

  • Neocombat (Original scheme inspired by kaos and intermediate.)
  • Wild War (Part spam weapon firing scheme!)
  • Blitz Fort (Mass weapon firing sheep fort.)
  • Gravity Warfare (Scheme with black hole element.)
  • JetPack Assault (No ruled Jetpack shopper with some extra tools to spice up a game.)
  • DBC's Kaos (Quicker-paced, less luck/wilder version of Kaos.)
  • Rest of other rubber schemes that aren't very original and/or playable yet.

Schemes He Shamelessly Indulges In

  • NAiL's SCHEMES! (Crate Chase, Wipeout, QuickDraw, Etc.)
  • Foxhound's Schemes
  • DreamTrance's Jumper
  • Fighter's Schemes
  • Fly, Reg, WxW, Pod, and Surf Shopper (likes rubber version more)
  • Kaos and this Scheme's Variations.
  • Plop War, Jet Pack Race, and Battle Race
  • Dabble and Fidget, Team 17, Intermediate(fails at this one), and Elite
  • Tower Race (regular and various rubberworm versions)
  • Any Other Good Rubberworm and Regular Schemes

Face Reveal

After a series of investigations of this unusual person, witnesses have found out what this person looks like. DumbBongChowFace.jpg

About this Profile

This article is written by BongHead himself, and he does not want anybody else to modify it. Any comments about my profile under REVIEW ME!!! section on and/or are appreciated!

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