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Real name: Bart
Nickname(s): HereHeComes, HHC.
Former Alias(es): BigBilly (one out of many)
Country: Netherlands

Playing online since: 1999
Current clan: s2k
Former clans: Mafia, SIAD, VVV, HoS, TEA, w00t, sB, SIAD mach II, SUSUII, Pieren, OaP, BFW, a.o.


HHC has made several RR maps, as well as several other maps and a huge collection of Jetpack-racers. Worth mentioning are also a giant collection of additional national flags and three tutorials (Team17, Elite and basic training). Effort has also been made in channeling goodies from other sources & games to WA.

HHC is also the inventer of JPGP or Jetpack GP, which is similar to regular Jetpack Racing, but is done on multilap circuits. Despite early enthusiasm it has not resulted in lasting popularity.


HHC is the founder of WormsLeague (WL) and Worms Elite League (WEL).

Moderation tasks have been performed for the aforementioned leagues, as well as for WACL.


  • Elite rank on wormnet.
  • 8th in the official BnG league.
  • 1x Winner of CL2k Div1.
  • 1x or 2x Winner of WL.
  • 2nd place in Winter Olympics of 2004.
  • Winner of multiple smaller tournaments.
  • Winner of multiple clan leagues with HoS, TEA, SUSUII and Pieren.


HHC has been active from 1999 onwards until 2007. He has recently made a comeback to the worms community.

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