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play Boom for Weapons. With FoxHound.
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Boom for Weapons or BfW is a combination of Boom Race and Walk for Weapons. It is an anchor mode race (just like Boom Race) but this time the maps are filled with weapon sprites on the whole floor due to the mandatory rule of only using a weapon if the worm being controlled is adjacent to a sprite of that weapon (just like Walk for Weapons).


The author FoxHound, which is a Boom Race fan (specially with the multishot feature of RubberWorm, since he began playing Boom Race in WWP where there was a wormpot capable of doing that) and also an admirer of the interaction from the map with the scheme when playing WfW, released the scheme along with the map in WMDB on 6th October 2009, after a bit of inspiration and time creating the map and testing the scheme. Three years after the release, BfW started to gain more popularity when sbs created more maps based on that first one, using similar schemes (usually same physics but with more arsenal). In 2014, DanielXdx also contributed with new maps.

The original scheme was made with RubberWorm settings (emphasis on multishot, antisink and glue features), but BfW does not require RubberWorm to play. It is possible to create maps and schemes for games without RubberWorm, or at least without the glue feature wich may be sometimes annoying and some players might prefer playing without it.

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