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Game setup
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Any open island map
4 per player 1vs1; 2 per player 2vs2

Selecsteria is a scheme proposal to replace the current Hysteria league scheme. The main purpose of this scheme is to eliminate the polemical and for many people unfair practice of "Telecow" (worm rotation abuse), while maintaining the scheme's characteristics using version 3.8's extended game options.

Main changes

  • Worm Selection available in every turn.
  • Worm Selection doesn't end hot-seat time.
  • Worm Selection remains even after Sudden Death. (To prevent turn skip forcing of SD in order to disable WS.)
  • 1 turn delay for every weapon but Teleport. (This is to prevent 1st turn advantage and avoid unwanted piles when spawning, Mad Cow still with more delay though, 3 turns in this case.)
  • Enabled Fractional Round Timer. (This allows Sudden Death to approach even when all players finish all their turns in less than 1 second, so Sudden Death doesn't rely on turn skips anymore.)
  • 30 seconds round duration instead of 10. (The game will last over 10 or 11 minutes before Sudden Death starts. This increase is needed for the game to last longer with fractional round timer enabled.)
  • Water flood rise set to medium

Hysteria league gameplay reminder

  • 4 Worms per player in a 1vs1 scenario and 2 Worms in 2vs2 scenario.
  • Use random generated open Island maps.
  • Glitches disabled.
  • No rules.


This variation was created and released on 28th August 2020 on TUS by Kaleu.

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