Hysteria Arsenal

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Game setup
Hysteria Arsenal:
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Any open island map
As many as the map will support for automatic placement
The weapons of this hysteria variation

Hysteria Arsenal is the original Hysteria, but with more weapons. The new weapons: 1 Homing Missile (delay = 1), one Cluster Bomb, unlimited Low Gravities, Pneumatic Drills, Girders, Dragon Balls, Uzies. To use the new weapons, press the respective hotkey the number of times that will be necessery.

This scheme can be used with the HostingBuddy typing !wsdb 701 in the hosting room.


The scheme had been created, tested and divulged by FoxHound before the existence of the Worms Scheme Contest, so when the scheme was sent to the 2010 contest it was not accepted due to the rule: "The scheme has to be completely unseen by the public before and during the contest.".

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