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Any convoluted island map (often a solid block with tunnels, or an inverted duel-layer cavern). Bigger maps tend to be better, though there is a limit to how far a Super Sheep can fly.
As many as possible

Supersheeper is a simple scheme often played for its chaotic explosiveness, and as it is largely devoid of strategy is not played in tournaments or leagues. Supersheeper schemes can vary wildly in their numeric settings (health crate value, turn time, etc) but all follow a very simple format.

The only weapons available are the Super Sheep and a few Teleports, and the map is littered with weapon crates containing Sheep, and some health crates. These crates quickly accumulate and become a serious hazard, as when detonated the Sheep within them will jump out and explode, detonating yet more crates in a deadly chain reaction. It is this aspect that gives the scheme its limited popularity.

It is generally considered bad form to collect the Sheep crates, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Should this happen, players are usually forbidden from using the Sheep they collect. They are also forbidden from using any Select Worms that appear in the crates.

The scheme usually has the "All crates contain sheep" setting activated, as this prevents Select Worms from appearing. However, this setting also gives the Super Sheep unlimited flying time, which can irritate some players when a player flies their Super Sheep for an excessive amount of time (usually trying to grab health crates). Having timed Super Sheep not only prevents this but also adds panic to the game as players rush to reach their target.

The scheme can be greatly enhanced by the RubberWorm module, which is capable of increasing both the crate limit and the crate spawn rate.

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