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In Worms community some unique terms are often used in WormNET, having different meanings. The purpose of this page is to list and clarify these words.

Term Associated word(s) Meaning
Zook Bazooka Short for Bazooka.
Nade Grenade Short for Grenade.
Chute Parachute Short for Parachute.
Nana Banana Short for Banana Bomb
Tele Teleport Short for Teleport.
Plop Sink, Drown When a worm falls on the water and sinks or drowns (an onomatopoeia).
Newbie Beginner, Noob A beginner player, who is learning the basics of the game.
Noob Newbie, Beginner A pejorative way to refer to a beginner player who usually is not very skilled.
Pro Professional A very skilled player.
Quitter Quit Main section: Leaving the game. Someone who quits a match without a noble reason in the middle of a game, sometimes ruining it.
Fly Flight, Air When a worm travels in the air, usually being lauched from a weapon (commonly the Ninja Rope).
Pile Crowd Main section: Pile. A group of worms together.
Leader First, Top The team that is at the top during the match, usually the one that is with more health (the "winning" one).
Surf Skim When a worm skims across the water.
Cow Infringe(r), Violate(or) Main section: Cow. A move that infringed the rules of a game or as a verb: to infringe the rules of a game. Also, it can be a player who breaks, infringes or violates the rule, specially if done repeatedly.
PACK Rules Main secion: PACK. Acronym of Pile, ABL, CBA, and KTC scheme rules.
Roofing Roof, Border, Ceiling Main article: Roofing. Going above the ceiling of a cave map.
Shoppa Shopper, Misspelling Main talk page section: The term "Shoppa". A misspelling originated probably from the "Shopper" pronunciation.
Telecide Suicide, Teleport Main section item: Telecide. Commiting suicide with the Teleport.

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