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(Up to WormKit)
Developer: nizikawa
Latest version: v1.2.6.1 (29 May 2022)
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.x
Language: C++
License: WTFPL
Website: TUS thread GitHub repository
Download: [1]
Domestic Terrain

wkTerrainSync is a module for WormKit that allows additional W:A terrains to be installed and selected in the Map editor. It supports online multiplayer (providing all players have the module installed) and will automatically download the custom terrain from the host if it doesn't exist locally.

It makes it easy for terrains such as Dinos and Domestic (which are present on the WWP CD) to be installed and played with WA. A full list of community-made Custom Terrains can be found below.

It superseded WkTerrain adding new features such as data synchronization for network games and sprite addition/replacement.

In addition to custom terrain functionality, later updates added support for generating custom-sized maps in buit-in map generator and support for playing custom missions in both offline and online multiplayer.

For information on how to put together your own custom terrain, see the Terrain Creation Guide.


wkTerrainSync does not require any special configuration or user interaction. Installation is the same as with other WormKit modules, simply extract the files to your Worms Armageddon folder (the same folder with the WA.exe file) and ensure that "Load WormKit modules" in the Advanced options section of the game is enabled.

If you are joining an online game that uses a new terrain file that you currently don't have installed, you will see an "Invalid map file" in map thumbnail and multiple messages about terrain data download will appear in lobby chat. This means the terrain file is being downloaded from the host and a proper map thumbnail will appear once the terrain is downloaded. This should take few seconds depending on network speed.

Playing on custom terrains with those who do no have the module is possible by first converting the map to PNG. However, the debris, soil, background, custom water and other features of the terrain will be lost.
To convert the map to PNG format:

  • Enter the detailed map settings window by right clicking the map in the lobby.
  • If not already in preview mode, click the preview terrain button Preview terrain button.
  • Right-click the return to edit mode button Return to edit mode button. The map will now be a PNG map.

To troubleshoot the module, enable dev console in .ini file and examine the logged messages


  • A valid terrain directory contains two files:
    • Level.dir, the main graphics directory which contains all the texture assets. This file can be read and edited using the WA Directory Editor.
    • TEXT.IMG, this represents the texture thumbnail as shown in the map editor.
  • When generating a random map by clicking on map thumbnail, the game selects a random terrain from all available terrains.
    • To limit this selection to only custom terrains, hold CTRL key and click on the thumbnail.
    • To limit this selection to only default terrains, hold ALT key and click on the thumbnail.

Missions: An additional feature separate from custom terrains is the ability to use the single player mission functionality in online and offline multiplayer.

  • A mission file can be placed in the Saved Levels directory with the same name as the map (PNG, IMG and BIT are supported) and it will be loaded by the module when the map is selected.


Data synchronization features:

  • Custom network protocol integrated with WA's original network code - this module works seamlessly with WormNAT2 and direct hosting
  • Terrains are now referenced by their MD5 hash instead of ID - play online games regardless of your terrain list order and terrain directory names
  • File transfers - missing terrain files are automatically downloaded from the host player
  • Terrain metadata is embedded directly in .wagame replay files - replay files will work even when terrain list changes or files are renamed
  • Downloaded terrain directories are stored as "Name #MD5checksum" to avoid file conflicts
  • Incomplete file transfers are stored with .part suffix to prevent adding incomplete downloads to the terrain list

Terrain customization features:

  • Terrain files can include additional parallax sprites - back2.spr displayed in far distance behind regular back.spr ; front.spr displayed in front of the map
  • Removed sprite loader limitations when handling back.spr, back2.spr and front.spr - sprites are no longer limited to 640x160px size and can be animated like regular sprites
  • Terrains can override any sprite in the game, including worm animations, weapon projectiles and clouds - place gfx0/spritename.spr (normal palette) and gfx1/spritename.spr (colorblind palette) within terrain.dir to override any sprite
  • Terrains can override water.dir for custom water color and animations - place water.dir next to level.dir in terrain directory. Use https://worms2d.info/Water_color_editor to generate custom water.dir
  • Support for custom-sized random maps generated with built-in map generator. The maps can be scaled with 0.1x scale increments in both width and height dimensions up to 5.0x scale max.

Mission features:

  • For your convenience the module will automatically copy default WA mission files to User/SavedLevels/Mission/WA/ folder (and slightly fix them).
  • Custom mission replay files are fully supported by wkTerrainSync.
  • By default, the mission files use an empty .WSC scheme file that is later populated by .WAM script when the mission begins - it will be labeled as [ Default mission scheme ]. This scheme can be edited by changing basic parameters such as turn time, round time, etc. It is also possible to enable 3.8 scheme extended options.
  • Mission files can also provide own .WSC scheme, it will be labeled as [ Mission-provided scheme ].
  • The module adds some custom fields to WAM file format:
[HumanTeam] or [CPUTeamX]

Optional = 1 ; a CPU team will not be spawned if no player team is added to cover this team
TeamNameValue=Team Name Text ; sets custom team name instead of one specified by TeamNameNumber
WormX_NameValue=Worm Name Text ; sets custom worm name instead of one specified by WormX_NameNumber

TypeOfEvent=10 ; show text event
Text_String_Value=Custom text message to be displayed ; sets custom text message instead of one specified by Text_String_Index

Custom terrains

Here are some terrains available to use. Download, extract and place the terrain folder into Worms Armageddon/DATA/Level.

Name Author Download Notes Submission /
Last update
Angel Island(Sonic3) JSG TUS file Made with assets from Sonic 3's first level 2022-04-23
Arachnophobia Conejo, sbs TUS file Art by sbs, crafted by Conejo. Source: https://www.wmdb.org/35027 2020-12-31
Arcade Ducky TUS file Participation of oScarDiAnno who made the "worm plush grabbed by a claw" object 2021-01-24
Berlin Boss JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with Assets from the WWP's Berlin Boss map 2021-12-21
Bliss M1t3nk0v TUS file Based on Windows XP and its default Wallpaper "Bliss" 2022-05-20
Blood Korydex TUS file 2021-01-04
Breaking Bad doc TUS file 2022-07-18
Camping King-Gizzard TUS file 2023-01-17
Candy unknown TUS file From MapGEN Candy theme. An improved/updated version can be found here: https://www.tus-wa.com/files/file-2899/ 2023-08-28
Cars JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from WA's Cars map 2021-12-22
CastleHassle JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from WWP's CastleHassle map 2023-8-14
Chateau JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from WA's Chateau map 2021-12-27
Chemical Plant Zone Placebo_yue TUS file Art ripped from Sonic 2 2022-04-26
Chemistery Echiko TUS file 2022-07-31
Chocolate King-Gizzard TUS file There are 2 variations of this terrain texture; the original cake texture and a cookies texture 2023-10-14
CI5 Water EmeraldPlay TUS file Made with assets from Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side 2021-05-04
Cosmic King-Gizzard TUS file 2022-06-02
Creeper World 2 Orandza TUS file Made with assets from Creeper World 2 2021-08-22
Diablo Korydex TUS file 2021-01-06
Dinos Team17 TUS file Imported from WWP 2017-10-18
DIY Team17 TUS file Imported from Worms DC by Ducky 2020-09-01
Domestic Team17 TUS file Imported from WWP 2017-10-18
Egypt ARTemych, SiD TUS file Crafted by SiD. Original ARTemych's art from https://www.wmdb.org/28412 2020-10-22
Elastomania nizikawa TUS file 2022-02-04
Electronics Conejo TUS file 2020-12-05
Emerald Hill Zone (sonic 2) Placebo_yue TUS file Made with sprites ripped from Sonic The Hedgehog 2's first level 2022-04-23
Fimbulwinter 1gor Melitonov TUS file Deleted from TUS, but it was uploaded again on 10-06-2024 2021-01-10
Fruit Bastilles JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from WWP's Fruit Bastilles map 2021-12-28
Ganja King-Gizzard TUS file 2023-10-20
Graveyard (Golf) JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from Worms Golf Graveyard map. Background Gradient/Bats by King-Gizzard 2022-10-01
Green Hill Zone Placebo_yue TUS file Art ripped from Sonic the Hedgehog 2022-04-20
Halloween King-Gizzard TUS file 2022-07-19
Heaven Echiko TUS file Includes an Altaria sprite from Pokémon franchise and a Holy Grenade 2022-06-13
Island Antics JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from WWP's Island Antics map 2021-12-24
Lowpoly Conejo TUS file 2021-01-06
Mangrove Swamp SIBASA, King-Gizzard, FoxHound TUS file First version released on the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem (26 July). Second version was only possible thanks to King-Gizzard joining the party 2022-08-11
Marble Zone Placebo_yue TUS file Images ripped from Sonic the hedgehog 2022-04-30
Meadow King-Gizzard TUS file 2023-01-20
Missile Base JSG, Team17 TUS file Made with assets from WWP's Missile Base map 2021-12-30
Money EmeraldPlay TUS file 2021-05-04
Mulheresbarbadas Conejo TUS file Art from https://mulheresbarbadas.tumblr.com/ 2021-06-03
Ocean SIBASA TUS file Released on 8th June to tribute World Oceans Day 2022-06-08
Origami Conejo TUS file 2020-12-05
Picture City gray TUS file From Rayman 1. Includes a custom water file. 2021-03-24
Piggly EmeraldPlay TUS file Based on textures from the summer levels in the game "Piggly". 2022-08-15
Prehistoria Korydex TUS file From Lost Vikings 2021-01-02
Roman Empire Echiko TUS file 2022-08-11
Super Mario Bros. 3 King-Gizzard TUS file Contains 2 terrains with different land textures. All art sourced from the original game sprites. 2022-05-22
Super Mario World King-Gizzard TUS file All art sourced from the original game sprites 2022-05-30
Studiopolis King-Gizzard, Kirill-Gamer TUS file Uses the game sprites from Sonic Mania Studiopolis Zone. Kirill-Gamer - idea and design; King-Gizzard - Converting and integrating into a wkTerrain 2022-07-30
Sushi Conejo TUS file 2021-06-07
Tetris SiD TUS file 2016-06-28
Trippy King-Gizzard TUS file 2023-11-08
Win95 Ducky TUS file 2020-09-01
Woodman EmeraldPlay TUS file Made with Woodman's mugshot from Mega Man 2 2021-08-22
Worms: A Space Oddity terrain pack Carmine, Team17 TUS file Contains: Cavernia, Earth, Frostal, Kaputzol, Mechanopolis, Tenticilia 2021-09-12
Worms: Battle Islands terrain pack Carmine, Team17 TUS file Contains: Area 51, Chemical, Jungle, Nuclear, Polar, Underwater 2021-09-19
Worms Director's Cut - Forest Edoardo Moretti, Team17 TUS file Alternative version of DIY 2020-11-12
Worms Reloaded terrain pack King-Gizzard, nizikawa, Team17 TUS file Contains: Arabian, Arctic, Hawaii, Jurassic, Space, Wild West 2021-07-01
Worms Revolution terrain pack Carmine, Team17 TUS file Contains: Beach, Farm, Junkyard, Sewer, Spooky 2021-09-10
Worms United terrain pack nizikawa, Team17 TUS file Contains: Geiger, Graveyard, Hell, Junk, Mars, Money, Nam, Snow, Warzone 2021-04-03


Click the preview picture to view a full-size screenshot of the terrain (where available), with background, debris and all terrain properties.

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