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(Up to WormKit)
Developer: nizikawa
Latest version: v1.1.0a (2 May 2021)
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.x
Language: C++
License: Open Source
Website: TUS thread
Download: [1]
Domestic Terrain

wkTerrainSync is a module for WormKit that allows additional W:A terrains to be installed and selected in the Map editor

It makes it easy for terrains such as Dinos and Domestic (which are present on the WWP CD) to be installed and played with W:A.

It superseded WkTerrain adding new features such as data synchronization for network games and sprite addition/replacement.

For information on how to put together your own custom terrain, see the Terrain Creation Guide.


A valid terrain directory contains two files:

  • Level.dir, the main graphics directory which contains all the texture assets. This file can be read and edited using the WA Directory Editor.
  • TEXT.IMG, this represents the texture thumbnail as shown in the map editor.

It's also possible to include a customized Water.dir and should be place in the terrain directory.

  • wkTerrainSync does not require any special configuration or user interaction.
  • If you are joining an online game that uses a new terrain file that you currently don't have installed, you will see an "Invalid map file" in map thumbnail and multiple messages about terrain data download will appear in lobby chat. This means the terrain file is being downloaded from the host and a proper map thumbnail will appear once the terrain is downloaded. This should take few seconds depending on network speed.
  • When generating a random map by clicking on map thumbnail, the game selects a random terrain from all available terrains.
    • To limit this selection to only custom terrains, hold CTRL key and click on the thumbnail.
    • To limit this selection to only default terrains, hold ALT key and click on the thumbnail.
  • Online play with a mix of wkTerrain38 and wkTerrainSync players is not supported. In such case both wkTerrain38 and wkTerrainSync will refuse to load custom terrain maps and wkTerrainSync will print warning messages in lobby chat
  • Downloaded terrain directories are stored as "Name #MD5checksum" to avoid file conflicts
  • Incomplete file transfers are stored with .part suffix to prevent adding incomplete downloads to the terrain list
  • To troubleshoot the module, enable dev console in .ini file and examine the logged messages


Data synchronization features:

  • Custom network protocol integrated with WA's original network code - this module works seamlessly with WormNAT2 and direct hosting
  • Terrains are now referenced by their MD5 hash instead of ID - play online games regardless of your terrain list order and terrain directory names
  • File transfers - missing terrain files are automatically downloaded from the host player
  • Terrain metadata is embedded directly in .wagame replay files - replay files will work even when terrain list changes or files are renamed

Terrain customization features:

  • Terrain files can include additional parallax sprites - back2.spr displayed in far distance behind regular back.spr ; front.spr displayed in front of the map
  • Removed sprite loader limitations when handling back.spr, back2.spr and front.spr - sprites are no longer limited to 640x160px size and can be animated like regular sprites
  • Terrains can override any sprite in the game, including worm animations, weapon projectiles and clouds - place gfx0/spritename.spr (normal palette) and gfx1/spritename.spr (colorblind palette) within terrain.dir to override any sprite
  • Terrains can override water.dir for custom water color and animations - place water.dir next to level.dir in terrain directory. Use https://worms2d.info/Water_color_editor to generate custom water.dir
  • Support for custom-sized random maps generated with built-in map generator. The maps can be scaled with 0.1x scale increments in both width and height dimensions up to 5.0x scale max.

Custom terrains

Here are some terrains available to use. Download, extract and place the terrain folder into Worms Armageddon/DATA/Level.

Name Author Download Notes Submission / Last update
Arachnophobia sbs and Conejo TUS file art by sbs, crafted by Conejo. Source: https://www.wmdb.org/35027 2020-12-31
Arcade Ducky TUS file Participation of oScarDiAnno who made the "worm plush grabbed by a claw" object 2021-01-24
Blood Korydex TUS file 2021-01-04
Camping King-Gizzard TUS file 2021-05-08
Candy Unknown TUS file created using MapGEN Candy theme 2018
Cosmic King-Gizzard TUS file 2020-12-22
Diablo Korydex TUS file 2021-01-06
Dinos Team17 TUS file taken from WWP CD 2018
Domestic Team17 TUS file taken from WWP CD 2018
Electronics Conejo TUS file 2020-12-05
Egypt ARTemych and SiD TUS file Crafted by SiD. Original ARTemych's art from https://www.wmdb.org/28412 2020-10-22
Fimbulwinter 1gor Melitonov TUS file 2021-01-10
Ganja King-Gizzard TUS file 2020-09-24
Low Poly Conejo TUS file 2021-01-06
Origami Conejo TUS file 2020-12-05
Picture City gray TUS file from Rayman 1. Includes a custom water file. 2021-03-24
Prehistoria Korydex TUS file Lost Vikings 2021-01-02
Tetris SiD TUS file 2018
Windows 95 Ducky [2], TUS file 2020-09-01
Worms DC 'DIY' Ducky [3], TUS file 2020-09-01
Worms United terrain pack Team17, Nizikawa TUS file Contains: Geiger, Graveyard, Hell, Junk, Mars, Money, Nam, Snow, Warzone 2021-04-03

You can click at the island preview pictures to open a full-size screenshot of the terrain, with background, debris and all terrain properties.


Those using the CD version of W:A will require FileOverride to use this module.

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