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An 2v2 game with K4Tsis, oinky, AduN, and avirex
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Pro is the standard default scheme that requires great amount of strategy to play well. It's a deathmatch game where players win the game by defeating all of their enemy's worms. The definiting element of this game is that weapons does not stockpile unlike many other conventional games. In this game, it's very important to keep in mind with terrorital control and worm and weapon management. Due to limitation of ninja rope and other transportation tools, it's important to control certain territory to gain major advantage over enemies, so it's generally good to be in higher grounds for more flexible mobility. It's very important to manage worms properly as they should generally shouldn't be too far or close from each other. Having worms too close to each other will create pile problem while being far will make it difficult for worms to help one and another. Weapons started out what's left from previous round without additional weapon stock which stresses the importance using certain weapons sparingly and at the right moment. Despite having variety of weapons in this scheme, all of weapons help make this game very non-linear and balanced at the same time.

Additional info

Due to the free worm placement setting for this scheme, players won't get the automated spawn luck advantage which help balance the game well. Sudden death also plays major role in this game as people have to figure out when it's going to occur carefully since the sudden death timer is hidden. Using freeze at the right time can help worms to protect from sudden death nuke. As mentioned earlier, having higher ground is advantageous but it's also because it helps protect against water rise as well. Teleport is especially useful in certain situation especially when the player has less worms than the opponent. It could be also used to secure good areas. Girder can be used to block enemy worms, help ease the mobility, and support the worm management. Blow Torch and Pnuematic Drill are also very important for strategic use such as territorial control. Petrol bomb's power is slightly buffed which make it even more useful. Despite having banana bomb in a well balanced scheme, it is well utilized in this scheme, without disrupting gameplay.

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