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Worms 2 icon  Worms 2
Worms 2 front-end screenshot
Developer: Team17
Publishers: MicroProse (1997-1999, retail)
Sold-Out Software (2005-2009, retail)
Ubi-Soft (2002, retail bundle)
Trymedia (2002-'05, digital)
Team17 (2012-present, digital)
Release dates: 21 November 1997 (Germany)
24/28 November 1997 (most of Europe, Oceania, and Quebec)
13 January 1998 (USA, Canada)
Latest version: v1.5 (v1.7 for trymedia)
Website: http://www.worms2.com
Buy: From GOG.com or Amazon
Update: On Team17's Worms 2 site

Worms 2 (or simply W2 in worms terminology) is a strategy game developed by UK-based company, Team17. The engine was rewritten to support DirectX-based graphics, and Worms 2 is the first version of Worms to feature online play. It is the only Worms game not to have been released for multiple platforms.

The game was originally planned to be a simple update of the original, but Andy Davidson convinced Team17 to add new features and weapons after showing them what he'd done with Worms: The Directors Cut.

The logo features a silhouette of the grenade from the original Worms boxart, making this technically the last game in the series to feature that grenade in the logo.

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