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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of BnC game
with Konar6, Laban and Nullum
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Bows and Clusters:
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Best played on random island or closed cave maps
3 recommended

Bows and Clusters (or BnC in worms terminology) is a RubberWorm scheme, originated from WWP where players start only with these two weak weapons, apart from some utilities - parachute, 1 very short rope (power 1) and laser sight. Fast walk and bungee is added in modern variation.

Using their utilities and weapons (building stairs with arrows, digging tunnels with clusters), players tries to reach and collect weapon, health and utility crates to gather required forces to defeat the enemy. Supplies in form of crates may appear at any time, even in player's turn (due to the 'crateshower' feature of RubberWorm), which makes a constant amount of them (5) on the map.

To play BnC, be sure to enable TestStuff, however be aware of the jetpack bug, which its current version incorporates - if you don't land off the jetpack in 10 seconds retreat time, the game freezes. However, if you play with the JetFix Wormkit module, this bug can be avoided.

A single match consists of 2 rounds. The game usually lasts quite long (30+ mins per round).

Some techniques

  • Don't hesitate to block your opponent with girders, arrows or even your worm when you're short on weapons
  • Use your clusters when the opponent is in a narrow place or drop them right below him, when possible, to cause more damage
  • When you're stuck and can't get up, use the bungee/rope and then parachute in the air (TestStuff feature). This works especially on open maps when you're on the edge
  • Don't forget that the rope can stay connected during other players' turns (again TestStuff). Use it to your advantage!
  • You can destroy the crate to make another one instantly appear (when you can't reach it or you see with crate spy that it contains useless weapon).
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