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Sudden Death (sometimes referred as SD in worms terminology) is a phenomenum that changes the scenario significantly during a round of a match (usually harsh conditions), what can be used strategically. It happens when the determined Round Time of a scheme was not sufficient to determine a winner, so it is usually a mechanism of the game to shorten the playtime, making pressure to the players end the round. The Sudden Death can also be used to end the game instantly and determine a winner based on the scheme criteria. Some schemes start the gameplay with Sudden Death, in others, it is irrelevant.

Sudden Death options

The available options for Sudden Death are:

  • Round ends (the strongest team wins - according to the game logic, but the rules of a scheme might use other criteria)
  • Worm health reduced to a single point on all worms
  • Nuclear bomb (worms are poisoned, but unlike the Nuclear Bomb weapon, no flooding occurs)
  • No energy is lost

An additional option, independent of those above, controls the speed at which the water rises at Sudden Death (see flooding speed section below)

Timing of Sudden Death

  • Sudden Death always occurs between turns, never during a turn.
  • Sudden Death never occurs before the Sudden Death clock runs to zero.
  • Sudden Death will not always occur immediately after the turn during which the clock runs to zero. Rather, the precise timing of Sudden Death is determined randomly, and will occur after one of the turns shortly afterwards. (elaboration needed)

Flooding speed

Using an external scheme editor, the byte value which controls the speed of flooding at sudden death can be changed to values other than 0, 1, 2, or 3. The following table shows the available flooding speeds and their corresponding byte values; the formula being WRSPEED = ((WRBYTE pow 2) * 5) mod 256.

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