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Worst Shot Ever
Worst Shot Ever screenshot
Creator: Run
Creation date: Early 2007
Link: http://wse.worms2d.info/

Worst Shot Ever is a small contest site started by Run for show-casing terrible shots, hosting them in a "Worms Armageddon Annual Awards for Atrocious Gameplay". The site was originally intended to exhibit rubbish shots among only Run's circle of friends but was made open to the whole Worms community.

The site very gradually gained popularity. 2008 saw a near-doubling of the number of submissions over 2007, to just below a hundred. The amount of submissions has stayed around 130 replays each subsequent year, with a few ups and downs.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, Run was unable to continue running WSE after the 2011 edition. Since then, the competition was run by lacoste with the help of DarkOne. WSE also saw a change of host from nanacide to worms2d.info.

Since its inception, movies have been made of the winning entries of WSE by Ray, Cueshark, BlueMaxima, OutofOrder and LeTotalKiller, all of which can be found on Wormtube.

However, the site is currently abandoned, as the passwords for the data was kept by CyberShadow, who isn't working on Worms Armageddon related stuff anymore. lacoste runs the Worst Shot ever YouTube channel, where recordings of the submitted fails are kept. However, even that was abandoned, as the channel didn't have updates post 2015.

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