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noun. a mole that (often unexpectedly) launches in the opposite direction to that which it is facing.
verb. to force a player to move a worm by threatening it with an easy kill, such as a punch off-screen.
noun. the act of the above. [A fine badger.]
A common move in Team17 games, where forcing a player's hand is a useful tactic
noun. a crate that renders a badger useless by providing the badgered worm with an excuse to move anyway.
verb. to block a worm into a tight spot with a girder.
noun. a girder used in the above way.
noun. a worm with very little health in a Team17 scheme game.
Such worms, generally being disposable, are often used to steal crates in risky places, causing much annoyance to the player who thought it was safe to leave the crate for a later turn
noun. a worm at the bottom of the map; a specific type of soakworm.
A term used in the Bow and Arrows scheme and Moleshopper scheme, where a worm's height is important
adj. having more bottomworms than topworms.
noun. a clusterbomb placed beneath a worm in a such a way that all clusters explode instantaneously.
noun. Cow.
noun. a condition wherein the sufferer ignores everything except crates, determined to collect them regardless of what other possible shots or moves could be made
verb. to descend quickly by jumping off a cliff and activating the drill for a safe landing.
Used in shot-doesn't-end-turn mode as a quicker alternative to the parachute or bungee
noun. a situation in which the drill expires at the same moment that it breaks through a ceiling, causing the worm to fall without the safety of an active drill.
So called because it is thought to be a backstab by the otherwise-useful drill
noun. aquasheep.
verb. to unintentionally harm the worm attempting to perform a shot of almost any definition instead of the intended victim(s).
noun. the act of doing so with one of your worms. [Nice koen there, Koen!]
Used in the hysteria scheme
verb. to deliberately and knowingly attempt to exterminate an opponent's team with such determination as to even forego winning the game to do so.
noun. the act of the above.
verb. to accidentally place a dynamite, mine or sheep when intending to release a mole.
Common in the shot-doesn't-end-turn moleshopper, where F5 weapons from crates can cause confusion
verb. to injure or kill a worm with an excessive number of moles in shot-doesn't-end-turn mode.
noun. the act of the above.
verb. lulling everyone into a false sense of security by being utterly pathetic all game and then skilfully murdering whoever is left right at the very end.
noun. the act of the above.
verb. to reduce an opponent's team of worms to exactly one worm. [oh no i've been onewormed]
verb. to critically injure your worm without damaging any others in the first turn of a Hysteria.
verb. without prompting, to fall down the channels of a Fort map, specifically TSRs paper forts.
rope 'n' hope
verb. to use the sole ninja rope in a Team17 game, with the turn's success relying purely on the contents of the crates (usually a banana) to be collected by doing so.
noun. the act of the above. [looks like jeremy is going for a rope 'n' hope]
noun a quirk in the terrain whereby a worm can get stuck, able to turn but unable to move.
noun. a worm too far away from the conflict zone to make any meaningful contribution to the battle, thus soaking up a turn when selected.
noun. a suicide by way of fall damage after teleporting a worm high into the air.
noun. a worm at the top of the map.
adj. having more topworms than bottomworms.
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