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The Challenge Base
TCB site screenshot
Creator: Wyvern
Date of launch: 29 June 2007

The Challenge Base (or TCB in worms terminology) was a contest website for Worms Armageddon, founded and created by Wyvern. It allowed players to download single-player challenges of all sorts, report their records on the site, and compare them with the scores of other players. The concept itself wasn't new before TCB, but the system built on the concept was absolutely unique to the game.


Work on TCB started in November 2006. It was available only to a few testers at the beginning and a secret to the rest of the community, because at first there was no certainty about whether or not the website was even going to be finished. A months-long break seemed to make the chances dwindle, but then, in February 2007, it was finally completed. Still, TCB was not opened to the public for another few months, as it was meant to be released together with the long-awaited beta update of Worms Armageddon, due to the website's contents making massive use of the update's features. Eventually then, on 29 June 2007, CB opened its gates, and it was flooded with more activity than was ever expected. As it is with most new things, activity had faded away again to a big extent. At an unknown time, Wyvern's ownership of the domain expired and has not since been renewed. The site's data is still accessible by Wyvern. He can be commonly found in the #worms IRC channel.

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