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Weapons below are considered as "super weapons" and are not available in Version 1 scheme files:
===Super weapons===
Super weapons are not available in Version 1 scheme files:
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"WSC" redirects here. For the scheme contest, see Worms Scheme Contest.

The W:A scheme file format contains game settings, which define which weapons will be available, various game options such as turn time and weapon strength, as well as many other settings.

File format

Much of the following information was extracted from The Fiddler, written by Fudge Boy.

Offset Size Type Description
00 4 int32 Signature. The magic number used to identify the WSC file. Hex: 0x5343484D, ASCII: "SCHM"
04 1 byte Version Represents the WSC file version. Values: 0x01=Standard Scheme, 0x02=Extended Scheme (super weapon settings are saved, see below)
05 1 ubyte Hot-Seat Delay The extra time added between turns, used to switch seats and/or plan your turn. Values: represent seconds
06 1 byte Retreat Time The time available after using a weapon while grounded, used to move to a better place before your turn ends. Values: represent seconds
07 1 byte Rope Retreat Time The time available after using a weapon while roping, used to move to a better place before your turn ends. Values: represent seconds
08 1 bool Display Total Round Time When enabled, the total round time is displayed along with the turn time. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x01=On?, Other=?
09 1 bool Automatic Replays When enabled, the game will automatically replay the ending of a significant turn. Does not apply to online games. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x01=On?, Other=?
0A 1 byte Fall Damage The amount of damage caused to a worm for hitting the ground at a critical velocity. Values: see Fall Damage
0B 1 bool Artillery Mode Known also as, anchored worms. When enabled, worms are unable to move around by means of walking or jumping. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x01=On?, Other=?
0C 1 bool Bounty Mode This setting presumably was for a planned feature that never got implemented. The byte is unused by the game. A suggested use for this byte is for scheme editors to save a selected Magic Number to distinguish which scheme editor was used to encode a scheme. Values: 0x00=Unset, 0x89=SchemeEddy
0D 1 byte Stockpiling Mode Determines what happens to unused weapons between rounds. This setting only matters in matches where more than 1 round is meant to be played. Values: 0x00=Off (replenishing), 0x01=On (accumulating), 0x02=Anti (reducing), Other=?
0E 1 byte Worm Select The method for choosing which worm on the team plays the turn. Values: 0x00=Ordered? (off), 0x01=Optional? (on), 0x02=Random?, Other=?
0F 1 byte Sudden Death Event An event that gets triggered after the remaining round time reaches zero. Values: 0x00=Round Ends (draw), 0x01=Nuclear Strike, 0x02=HP Drops to 1, 0x03=Nothing Happens, Other=?
10 1 sbyte Water Rise Rate The rate that the water rises after each turn during sudden death. Values: see Water rise rate
11 1 sbyte Weapon Crate Probability The relative chance that a crate drop will contain weapons. Values: see Crate probability
12 1 bool Donor Cards When enabled, teams will drop a collectible donor card at their defeat. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x01=On?, Other=?
13 1 sbyte Health Crate Probability The relative chance that crate drop will contain energy. Values: see Crate probability
14 1 ubyte Health Crate Energy The amount of energy gained for collecting a health crate drop. Values: represent energy amount
15 1 sbyte Utility Crate Probability The relative chance that a crate drop will contain a utility. Values: see Crate probability
16 1 byte Hazardous Object Types Sets what hazards should appear on the landscape. Values: 0x00=None, 0x01=Mines, 0x02=Drums, 0x05=Both, Other=?
17 1 byte Mine Delay The amount of time between activating a mine and it exploding. Values: 0x04 & 0x80 to 0xFF=Random (between 0 & 3 seconds), Other=represents seconds
18 1 bool Dud Mines When enabled, some landscape mines will be triggered as duds. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x01=On?, Other=?
19 1 bool Worm Placement The method in which worms are placed onto the landscape at the beginning of the round. Values: 0x00=Automatic?, 0x01=Manual?, Other=?
1A 1 ubyte Initial Worm Energy The amount of energy a worm begins a round with. Values: 0x00=game crashes, Other=represent energy amount
1B 1 sbyte Turn Time The amount of time you get to make your move. Values: 0x00 to 0x7F=represent seconds, 0x80 to 0xFF=timer counts up
1C 1 sbyte Round Time The amount of time before sudden death is triggered. Values: A negative value will result in sudden death triggering on the first turn. A value above 127 will result in round times that last for a specific number of seconds. As this value increase, the number of seconds increases by 1, starting with 1 second for value 128.
1D 1 byte Number of Rounds The number of round wins required to win the match. Values: 0x00=1, Other=represent number of rounds
1E 1 bool Blood When enabled, damaging a worm causes red particles to be drawn instead of pink. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
1F 1 bool Aqua Sheep When enabled, super sheep are converted to aqua sheep, which can swim under the water. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
20 1 bool Sheep Heaven When enabled, exploding sheep will jump out of destroyed weapon crates. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
21 1 bool God Worms When enabled, all worms have infinite health and can only be destroyed by drowning them. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
22 1 bool Indestructible Land When enabled, the landscape can not be destroyed, except by rising water. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
23 1 bool Upgraded Grenade When enabled, grenades are more powerful. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
24 1 bool Upgraded Shotgun When enabled, the shotgun shoots 2 consecutive shots, giving it 4 shots total. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
25 1 bool Upgraded Clusters When enabled, cluster weapons contain even more clusters. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
26 1 bool Upgraded Longbow When enabled, longbows are more powerful. Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
27 1 bool Team Weapons When enabled, teams will start the match with their preselected team weapon. The team weapon setting will override the Ammo, Power, Delay, and Crate settings for the 8 team weapons in the scheme (see Team weapons). Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
28 1 bool Super Weapons When enabled, super weapons may appear in weapon crate drops (see Crate probability). Values: 0x00=Off?, 0x00=On?, Other=?
29 Weapon Settings Individual weapon settings follow. Each weapon uses 4 unsigned bytes in the scheme file for weapon Ammo, Power, Delay, and Crate Probability settings respectively. Version 1 scheme files hold 45 weapon structures and Version 2 scheme files hold 64 weapon structures (see below).

Weapon structure

The first scheme format version holds only the 45 regular weapons, and is 221 bytes in size. Version 2 of the format is 297 bytes in size and has added support for super weapon settings, totaling to 64 weapon records.

Each weapon setting structure is 4 bytes long and is as follows:

  • 00 - ammo (1 byte, unsigned) - Note: A value of 0A will give unlimited ammunition.
  • 01 - power (1 byte, unsigned)
  • 02 - delay (1 byte, unsigned)
  • 03 - crate probability (1 byte, unsigned)

This article has a to-do list:
  • link or add normal value ranges, and how the game acts when stuff is set outside these bounds

Weapon list

The list of weapons, as they appear in the scheme files and in the game memory.

Position Weapon Name
0 Bazooka
1 Homing Missile
2 Mortar
3 Grenade
4 Cluster Bomb
5 Skunk
6 Petrol Bomb
7 Banana Bomb
8 Handgun
9 Shotgun
10 Uzi
11 Minigun
12 Longbow
13 Airstrike
14 Napalm Strike
15 Mine
16 Fire Punch
17 Dragon Ball
18 Kamikaze
19 Prod
20 Battle Axe
21 Blowtorch
22 Pneumatic Drill
23 Girder
24 Ninja Rope
25 Parachute
26 Bungee
27 Teleport
28 Dynamite
29 Sheep
30 Baseball Bat
31 Flame Thrower
32 Homing Pigeon
33 Mad Cow
34 Holy Hand Grenade
35 Old Woman
36 Sheep Launcher
37 Super Sheep
38 Mole Bomb
39 Jet Pack
40 Low Gravity
41 Laser Sight
42 Fast Walk
43 Invisibility
44 Damage x2

Super weapons

Super weapons are not available in Version 1 scheme files:

Position Weapon Name
45 Freeze
46 Super Banana Bomb
47 Mine Strike
48 Girder Starter Pack
49 Earthquake
50 Scales Of Justice
51 Ming Vase
52 Mike's Carpet Bomb
53 Patsy's Magic Bullet
54 Indian Nuclear Test
55 Select Worm
56 Salvation Army
57 Mole Squadron
58 MB Bomb
59 Concrete Donkey
60 Suicide Bomber
61 Sheep Strike
62 Mail Strike
63 Armageddon
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